10 Things That Make People Awesome

There are so many great things to do and to be in this life. Instead of moping or being unhappy about who we are, let’s see the good things and work on being awesome from today on! Here are 10 (of many!) things that make people awesome.

10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes


1. Taking care of themselves

When we take care of ourselves, we feel better. Eating healthier, working out, and taking walks, are all good ways of taking care of our own bodies and minds, and that’s how we’ll start being awesome.

Healthy - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

2. Helping others

Of course, if we only think of ourselves all the time, we’ll be stuck in our own little world and we don’t want that. By helping others and making them smile, and thinking of ways to help out and give, we can expand our world and turn our lives into something meaningful.

3. Being musical

Singing, playing an instrument, or even just listening to good music, are things that make our lives happier and fuller.

Music - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

4. Reading

Even if at this moment we can’t travel the whole world or go on great adventures, reading about them is an awesome way to transport ourselves, learn about new places, and put ourselves in other people’s shoes and live through their stories.

Reading - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

5. Being organized

A messy life can bring us down. Learning to be organized and tidy can help us be more productive and happier, so that we can face each new day, each new week, and each new month with a positive attitude and not only dream about the things we want to do, but actually do them.

Organized - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

6. Focusing on the positive

We can complain and whine about all the things that are going wrong in our lives, but as soon as we begin focusing on the positive, we start feeling happier and also making the people around us happier too. Having a good attitude even when things are not perfect is something that makes people awesome.

7. Noticing the little things

Some times we can go through the whole day with our minds full of tasks and things we have to do, but it really helps to stop and notice the little things in life; the cheery song of a tiny bird, the drops of rain trickling down the window, the smile of a stranger… things we most times take for granted, but are really the things that make life awesome.

Little Things - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

8. Having a good sense of humor

A good sense of humor helps you reduce your stress and pain. If we try to laugh every day, and make other people laugh too, our days will be even happier and more relaxed. Even when we are in embarrassing or awkward situations, we can learn to have a good sense of humor about ourselves and go through them with a smile.

9. Learning new things

We can get stuck doing the same boring things every single day. What if today, instead of just watching TV, we try a new hobby? We don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, just try something new, like learning a new recipe, painting in a coloring book, learning to take better photographs, playing a new sport, or even playing a new video game.

Hobby - 10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

10. Having goals

I have found that setting goals is a great way to keep motivated and try our best every day. You can have any kind of goals, like losing weight, improving some aspects of your life, work out more often, or keep in touch with old friends, and working towards those goals will give your life a real focus and a great perspective that will make you really awesome.



There are so many other things not mentioned in this list that we can do to improve our lives and have happier and more productive days. Life is short so let’s start our days with energy and go through them with a smile!


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10 Things That Make People Awesome - Paper and Landscapes

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