Our hectic days often make us feel overwhelmed and fill our heads with all sorts of useless stuff. Being and staying creative can help us get a more artistic look at our days and make us feel more alive! Here are 10 tips on how to stay creative today and every day.

Stay Creative - Paper and Landscapes


These are just ten of many tips and ideas on how to stay creative each day.

1. Make lists

Make a list of your favorite things to do, new things you want to experience, places you want to visit, books you would like to read. Carry a small notebook and list things you see around that make you smile, take a note of curious things that people do, or even funny phrases that they say. (Try this: Make a list throughout the day of at least 10 funny things that you see or remember.)

Stay Creative - Make Lists

2. Go on a walk

For me it is a fact, that my ideas flow better when I’m walking. It helps me clear my mind instead of staying still, stuck in the same place. Walking helps you see things differently, talk with yourself, and see wonderful details in the nature surrounding you. (Try walking tomorrow morning for a refreshed new day <3)

Stay Creative - Walk

3. Sing

Search on YouTube or a karaoke app for songs you like and start singing your heart out. This is especially helpful when you’re feeling down. (Try singing this one just for fun! :P)

4. Create a pinboard

I really love this tip, as it helps you look at your goals and ideas in a more visual way, instead of just notes on your phone. Pin everything that inspires you, even a piece of paper in a color you love, or a quote that you like. If you can’t or don’t want to make a pinboard, try taping things onto your wall or door instead. (Try this: Add to your pinboard a picture, drawing, or a note, about the best thing that happened today.)

The Everygirl

5. Make an abstract painting

I believe that all abstract painting is perfect! Since you don’t really have to worry about lines, perspective, or shading, go ahead and choose some pretty colors and paste them all over your canvas, wall, or on a simple paper. Don’t be shy and tape it to your wall! (Try this: search for a pretty color palette on the internet, and use those colors for your painting.)

Stay Creative - Paint

6. Make origami

Choose a simple origami design. Since all you really have to do is follow specific instructions, it will help you focus and put your mind to your folds and lines. (Try this cute origami cat bookmark and add it to your favorite book!)

Stay Creative - Origami Cat Bookmark

7. Try a new recipe

Cooking is an art. You can find very simple and very delicious recipes on Pinterest and YouTube that you can make, and feel proud of your tasty creation. (Try this delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe or this “no bake” sweet chocolate pudding pie.)

Stay Creative - Try a Recipe

8. Finish a project

If you’re like me, you probably have a few (or many!) unfinished projects that you just lost interest on. Grab one of them and resolve to finish it completely. Even if it’s not your favorite project, you will feel good to see it complete. (Try this: if there’s a project you abandoned because you stopped liking it, change something about it. Maybe that little detail will change how you feel about it.)

Stay Creative - Finish a Project

9. Break your routine

What were you planning on doing today? Cleaning your house? Well leave it dirty for today and go to the beach instead, even if it’s just for a walk on the sand. Take the train to a place you haven’t been before. Set a table to eat outside instead of in your dining room. (Try this: Do something today that wasn’t on your plans. Be spontaneous, even if it’s something simple.)

Stay Creative - Break your Routine

10. Let go of your fear

Don’t worry if people can’t reach you for an hour, be brave and turn off your phone. Don’t be scared of making a handmade craft just because you think it will not turn out as good as the one in the tutorial, just make it your own. Go outside and blow some bubbles on the street. (Try this: Let go of your fear and try something new; you might surprise yourself.)

Stay Creative - Blow Bubbles


These were just a few of many ideas. Try the ones you like and save the rest for later. Or make yourself a 10 day challenge to try all 10 ideas. Have fun!

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