12 Dreamy Craft Rooms To Get Inspired

Every crafter or artist needs a creative space to call their own. These 12 dreamy craft rooms may give you the inspiration and motivation to build or design your own crafty paradise!

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Whether you are a professional crafter or just a hobbyist, I’m pretty sure you swoon over dreamy craft rooms every time you see one. At least I know I do! The truth is that a good creative space is an important key to making great crafts.

Well, I found a few craft rooms that might make you dream up your perfect idea of a creative space in your home. Check them out!

Dreamy Craft Rooms!

1. Simple but super cute! Even if the room is not too big, it is well organized with shelves that don’t take up too much wall space either. It has great window lighting, and the light blue color is relaxing and happy.

Lavender Cottage - Craft Rooms
2. This one looks more sophisticated. I love the scrapbook paper shelves! The recessed lights can be great for soft but even lighting, which is what you need if you don’t have windows. The center table with three office chairs makes me imagine a great scrapbook get-together!
AK Penthouse - Craft Rooms
3. So neat and pretty! Honestly, I can’t imagine myself keeping it as neat with my cluttery crafts. But the neutral colors look so relaxing and elegant, and I love how bright it is with that awesome natural lighting.
Craft Rooms
4. Storage paradise! So many drawers to hide my clutters! Even though the storage takes up most of the walls, the remaining one has a happy green color, and the room has enough work surface space too.
Craft Room
5. I love that wallpaper on the back and the color of the other wall. This is what I call a simple, but well thought out design. Everything looks perfectly matched! There’s not much storage space, but it still looks amazing.
Home Office
6. Bold yellow for the win! I wouldn’t have thought of that color for myself, but I love how it looks in this picture. The double desk is a great idea if you have a desktop, because that way it doesn’t take up any of your work surface space. Also, I love the look of those type of shelves with all white boxes.
Den / Home office.
7. Oh my goodness! ♥ I have a thing for what I like to call “organized clutter”. And this is the perfect example of it. I mean, sure, to some it may not look all that pretty and it may even be more difficult to work with. But I don’t know why, I just love how it looks. It makes me feel happy and creative!
Wonder Walls
8. Classy crafting!  Look at that beautiful wallpaper! This craft room has perfect lighting, and great work surface space. If you are a professional crafter who’s work requires you to meet with clients, this kind of craft room would be perfect to give off a professional feel.
9. Now, this craft room really does make me swoon… It is so pretty! I am in love with this one. It is my favorite of all the craft rooms listed here. The eclectic style with a few plants here and there would just make it the perfect place for me to get inspired. The size of the room is not all that big, but with enough storage, the size wouldn’t matter.
My home
10. Hide your mess! A craft room with all your craft materials inside of a closet could be a great way to make it presentable any time you have guests over. Just close off the curtains and that’s it!
REAL SIMPLE Closet Makeover
11. Maybe your craft room could be more like a craft nook. This idea is adorable! The colors are sea themed, which I love. And even though it has a small desk, it could be enough space, depending on what kind of crafts you make.
Tracey Rapisardi Design
12. Crafty corner! This is a great example of well thought out design for a small space. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic, because it has enough space to move around, since there’s not much going on the floor. And it doesn’t feel cluttery, because it has enough storage on the walls. Also, I really like how the details give the room little pops of color.


Heights Residence
I hope these dreamy crafts rooms ignite the interior designer in you and inspire you to create the perfect creative space for you. Remember, even if it’s a small space, you can make it work. Just look for good lighting, enough work space surface, and the type of storage that works best for you. Now, get creative and make your own crafty paradise!

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  • June 26, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    I love all the ideas that you chosse! Some are the ideal world with no mony/no space restrictons…lol! some others, more realistics, got me inspired to try to fid what can i get when I’m gonna move with/to my boyfriend apartment in a few months….Hes the kind “very empty space- eveyting hide”….Ill have to make a serious purge in my stash of :scrapbooking. photography and crocheting -lots and lots of yarn balls!!!!! Anyway, thanks again! bye, Chantale Montreal


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