14 Home Office Ideas to Get Inspired

When you work from home, it’s very important to have a space that keeps you focused and motivated. Check out these 14 Home Office Ideas to inspire your workspace!


I am currently in the process of rearranging and organizing my room, in order to make the best use of the space. And since, I do most of my work from home, being a photographer and a blogger, I have decided to assign myself a workspace.

However, I want to think it thoroughly because I want it to be space efficient, and I don’t want to spend too much money on it. So I have begun gathering photos, examples, and ideas to inspire my own little home office. Check them out along with me!

Home Office Ideas

1. Chalkboard Wall

What’s not to love about a chalkboard wall? You can use it to write your to-do lists, your reminders, or your calendar.


2. All Within Reach

What I love about this idea is that it has plenty of storage, with shelves, drawers, etc., it has a printer, a phone, a trashcan, and what seems to be a magnet board, all within reach. You don’t have to get up at all! (You should get up to get a snack break once in a while, though! )


3. Eclectic workspace

I love this kind of eclectic style. It’s like a rustic/modern combination that makes everything look serious with a hint of fun. I would definitely feel inspired in this home office.


4. Clean & Classy

This home office looks so elegant! I love that comfy-looking but still very stylish chair. Neutral tones with little bits of bright colors always looks so classy.

5. Modern Shelves

Ok, to be honest, the style of this home office is way too modern for me. Specially with the huge lights hanging from the ceiling. However, the idea for the desk is so awesome! Using shelves all along the wall and a shelf-like desk makes for a very interesting home office.


6. Plant lover

Another eclectic beauty! But this time, with a little more nature in it. I love indoor plants. They just add life, don’t they?


7. Classy Nook

This cute little nook office efficiently combines a bookshelf with a small desk. I think it would be perfect for a small space.


8. Enjoy the view

If I lived in an apartment in a high building, my home office would look something like this. That view would be enough to keep me inspired all day.


9. Contemporary for two

I often need to meet with my sister to plan things and find inspiration for our blog. This contemporary beauty would be the absolute perfect home office for that kind of meetings!

10. Tiny office

Using space efficiently, everything flows better and you’ll find that there’s often enough space for everything, even in a small room (which is my case). Personally, I would prefer a more comfortable chair. But otherwise, this tiny home office is super cute.


11. Dreamy Natural Wood

Natural wood has a way of making me feel inspired, I have no words to explain it. Although it may almost be a little too much natural wood in this case, a few pops of color would really make this home office a pleasure to work in.

12. Details are important

Those tiles, that chair, that retro desk fan, those cute birds on the wall… I mean, to be completely honest, I don’t love the kitchen cabinet style. But the little details in this just make it all worth it.


13. Monochromatic Workspace

This looks amazing. Color is great, but a home office that looks like this doesn’t need color at all. And look at all that storage space!


13. Work in Peace

Blue is so serene. It’s a great color to make everything feel calm and peaceful. And sometimes, working from home gets frustrating and stressful. So this neutral toned blue just keeps everything balanced.


14. My Dream Home Office

This is it! I have found my dream home office! I think I’ll just start incorporating some of the ideas from this, little by little, like the shelving, then the little plants, and the position of the desk.


Did you agree with my choice for my future home office? Of course, my style and taste may be different from yours. But I hope at least you found some inspiration in all the other ideas I found. ♥

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