5 Spotify Playlists to Relax & Feel Better

Music is my therapy. That’s why I am always looking for Spotify Playlists to relax, breathe, calm my nerves, and feel a little bit better. So if we have a similar taste, I know these playlists will help you too.

5 Spotify Playlists to Relax and Feel Better - FI

Whenever I’m feeling down, upset, angry, or anxious, there’s something that always helps me feel better. And that’s music. No matter what your taste in music is, there’s no doubt that music has the power to make you feel things differently, change your mood, and even make you happy. For me, it’s a therapy, a relief, and it keeps me from losing control over my emotions.

Of course, not everybody has the same taste in music. Therefore, there’s a chance that you will love these playlists, but there’s also a chance that they won’t be the same help to you as they are to me. Just give them a chance. If none of them work out for you, don’t worry; there are plenty of playlists on Spotify for all music tastes and I’m sure with a little bit of searching you will find a perfect fit.

My favorite Spotify Playlists to Relax

[Each playlist has preview, but you’ll need to install Spotify to play full tracks]

Indie Sleeping Music – By Ernesto Viera

I love this playlist, specially when I’m getting ready to sleep. I usually have a hard time relaxing to fall asleep, unless I am extremely tired. However, this playlist has a great selection of slow-paced, dreamy, soft music, accompanied by soothing vocals. I am not really familiar with most of these artists or their songs, and I like that, because I tend to get too distracted to go to sleep if I know the lyrics to the songs I am listening to.


Greys Anatomy Soundtrack – By Sam85UK

I recently became a Grey’s Anatomy fan! If you have watched the series, you know it has an awesome soundtrack. That’s why I went looking for it on Spotify. I really like this playlist, although I’m not completely sure if this is an official soundtrack, because to be honest I don’t remember many of the songs being on the show… (I have a terrible memory, so I may be wrong).

Some of the songs on this playlist are very well known, others not so much, and they vary on the pace of the music. I listen to it when I want a mood boost, and just “dance it out” like Meredith and Cristina

(And yes, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol is on it )

Meredith & Cristina - Dance it out


Sleepy-time Chill – By Nicole Kemp

Another great playlist to fall asleep to. This playlist has some instrumentals, and others have vocals. They are all very calming and comforting, soft and slow-paced.


Hawaiian Dreams – By Spotify

This one is a little bit quirky and fun. It is a cheer-up playlist with lots of acoustic guitars and ukeleles. The light-hearted feeling of the music just makes me smile any day.


Stress & Anxiety Free – By Calming Music Academy

For those who enjoy doing yoga and meditating, this playlist will be a great fit. The instrumentals, nature sounds, and relaxing pace will help you unwind after a long day and feel relieved. This playlist is good for breathing exercises or for moments when you just need to concentrate on your studies or work in a stress-free environment.


If you tried my favorite Spotify Playlists to relax and feel better, but none of them really clicked with your taste, you can just go over to Spotify’s menu, click Browse > Genres & Mood, and just choose a playlist that will actually connect with you and help you feel at peace

Remember, relaxing is very important for your mental, emotional, and even physical health! If you are already playing your music therapy playlists, check out these tips to feel better today.

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