5 Tips to Start Over Each Month

Don’t wait for the next “new year” to start doing the things you want to do. Take the new month and start over!

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

A lot of people (including me some times), wait for the beginning of a certain time to start over, to begin, to create a starting line for their goals. That’s why the new year is so appealing, because it means a new beginning. The thing is, if we are always waiting for the next year, what will happen with the rest of this one? Does it not count? Why not make each month be the new beginning?

So I found that there are 5 tips that work for me, to start over each new month. Why start over? Because when our lives become hectic, we tend to forget what we set ourselves to do in the beginning. We become “too busy to finish this goal because I have these other things to do” or “too tired to continue with that project because I need a break”. So when we stop, even if it’s once a month, and say “Okay, this is what I want to achieve, this is my goal”, we get the chance to start over and give ourselves the needed push, the necessary reminder to do those things.

 1: Set an alarm

Of course we know that “today” is the first day of the month. We saw the calendar, or looked at the date on our phones. But when I set an alarm on my phone that reminds me that it’s a new month, it also reminds me that I should consider my goals, and what I’m doing to achieve them. So it prepares my mind for what’s coming next.

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

2: Write it down

At the beginning of the month, I sit down and write my goals for that month. They could be things that I’m already doing or trying to do, like for example, keeping a clean house, being more productive, practicing the piano, reading a book, exercising, etc. So that day 1, if you realize you haven’t completed those goals, you can “start over” on your resolution to do them, thus getting more inspiration or give yourself the boost you need to do them.

When you write it down and see it on paper, maybe in the form of a checklist, you feel like it’s more “real” than just thinking about it, and you’ll feel more compelled to achieve it and finally check it off as done.

This printable weekly schedule page, and this goals worksheet might work for you!

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

3: Add something fun

If all of our goals and tasks are things we dread doing, we’ll feel so overwhelmed and uninspired… Let’s add some things that make us smile, that make us happy! When I add fun things to my to-do list, I feel more inclined to complete it, because I don’t see it all as work; I see it as my life.

You could add things like, have lunch with a friend, or watch that movie you’ve been wanting to see, or smaller things like completing a page on your coloring book, or adding a piece of decoration to your house. Adding creative things to my lists and goals, also stimulates my mind and makes me feel more productive.

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

4: Get excited

It’s not always fun to set goals and make tasks lists. So finding your own ways on how to write them and display them for yourself will help you get excited about them and actually want to do them. If you like to use planners, you could make a special section dedicated to your monthly goals!

Maybe you’d rather use your phone because you have it with you at all times, so find an app (like Asana or Google Keep) that will help you stay organized and send you reminders.

Or, if you prefer, you can add your goals to a pinboard or dry erase board! That way you can see them all the time, and each day you can add something to it that will help you reach your goal. For example, if one of your goals this month is to try a new recipe, you can add a picture of it to your pinboard, then add your grocery shopping list for the ingredients, add a note on a calendar of when you plan to make it, etc.

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

5: See your progress

This is something you can do at the end of the month, or even each week. Write down the things you achieved. Maybe you didn’t read the whole book, but you read 20 pages, and that’s a good achievement! So write it down and see your progress through the days and months. Maybe you had the goal of deep cleaning the whole house, so write down what you did, maybe even take a picture.

You’ll feel so amazing when you can see that you have completed your goal, or at least that you actually worked on it! That will inspire you for your next ones! Next month, you can start over with new goals, or refresh your will to complete the old ones.

Try this printable project planner page!

Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes


These are just some tips that have helped me and that might help you to be more productive in terms of completing your goals or resolutions that you set for yourself. When you start over each new month, instead of each new year, you give yourself more chances to success.

If you have more tips or ideas on this subject, write them down on the comments to share them with us!

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Start Over Each Month - Paper and Landscapes

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