5 Tips to Free Up Space on Your Phone

We all have to do it once in a while. Check out the steps you should take to free up space on your phone!


Whether you want to or not, there comes a time when it’s just impossible to go on without freeing up space on your phone. It is annoying and it takes a while to do a thorough cleanup, but your phone will thank you for it!

If you keep putting off the difficult task to free up space, your phone will just stop working correctly. You’ll end up having to put up with a slow, laggy, and crash-prone system. And you’ll get a lot of notifications with messages like this one:


Wanna know why I know that? Because I’ve been living like that for a couple of months now! It sucks. So let’s stop putting it off!

I suggest that you pick a day to free up space on your phone, and make no other plans, just like you would pick a day in the week to clean your home. Make sure you have enough time, put on some music, relax, and get to work! You could be done that same day and feel like you have a whole new phone.

Here are the steps I will take to free up space on my own phone. (I should mention that I have an LG G4 Android phone. If you think some of these tips won’t work on your phone, feel free to skip them!)

Free up space of your phone!


This is what your phone needs. You HAVE to delete stuff from your phone! Take some time to see which apps you don’t use anymore. Who are you kidding? If you haven’t used them in six months you probably won’t ever use them again! Uninstall them.


Now, this next task is the most difficult thing for me. Delete old photos and videos. Don’t let yourself get lost down memory lane! Just try to be objective. For instance, you took a picture of a pair of pretty earrings that you saw at a store to show it to your best friend to get her opinion, and then didn’t even end up buying them? Delete that. Please. Don’t keep any stuff like that! (I’m actually laughing while I’m writing this because that is exactly the kind of things I do and I’m feeling kind of embarrassed about it! Haha!)

You get the point. Delete any file that you don’t need to have on your phone. This is the most important step to free up space, and it’s going to take quite a while. Start early, work quickly, and don’t give up on this task! If you need to, take a break after each folder you finish cleaning up.

2. Backup5-tips-to-free-up-space-on-your-phone-paper-and-landscapes-7

Now that you have deleted all the things that are not worth keeping, choose a backup method for what you do want to keep. You can choose to backup your files or media on your computer, an external hard drive, or even on a cloud service (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

If you feel like you have enough space on your phone already after the first step, then this will only be a safety measure in case you lose your phone or everything gets erased somehow. However, if you want your phone to feel brand new with lots of storage space, delete from your phone everything that you have already backed up.

3. Get a Cleaning App

I use an app called Clean Master. This app helps you keep your phone working correctly by prompting you to delete junk files and cache that you would just ignore otherwise. Even though you might not see that kind of stuff, it really is taking up space that you could be using for more important things.

Also this app has a feature called Photo Cleaner to help you delete duplicate photos. For example, imagine that you took 5 selfies before you took the one you liked for your Facebook profile. This app will group them, since they probably look very similar, and you just choose the one you want to keep.

4. Extra Storage


Your phone should be feeling much better by now! Still, it is nice to make sure you have a little extra space, just in case. Get a micro SD Card (if your phone supports them). You can choose to format your phone to store all files in your SD Card by default, or you can just move some apps into your SD Card to keep your phone’s internal storage as free as possible.

5. Keep it clean

Have we learned our lesson by now? Having to free up space on your phone is not all that fun. So let’s try to avoid having to do it, at least in a year!

Don’t take pictures or videos of things you know you don’t really need, and if you have to take them, delete them as soon as you don’t need them anymore. Keep uploading your important files to your backup storage frequently so you don’t have to worry about any important things getting lost or erased from your phone. Make it a commitment to keep your phone in working order.

I hope these tips help you free up space on your phone! If there are any other tips you think we should add, feel free to comment below. ♥

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