5 Tips to Stay Motivated

Our daily routines, jobs, schoolwork, responsibilities, and other stressful tasks make it difficult to stay motivated, happy, or positive. We all go through this. Even the most optimistic people have their emotional ups and downs. Here are some of the things that have helped me stay motivated no matter what.

Tips to Stay Motivated

You can stay motivated following these tips:

1. You need to take breaks once in a while. This is not an excuse to not get things done. We are all humans. Our body tires out, and so does our mind. Don’t expect to have a robot-like abilities to keep going day after day getting everything done and not feeling bored, or exhausted. Break out of your routine once in a while, do something different, let your mind breathe, and let your body rest. This is the only way to recharge and keep going. Don’t feel bad for it.

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2. You are not perfect. Don’t expect yourself to be. As a perfectionist, I tend to beat myself up whenever I feel that my work is not exactly perfect. It gets me down and sometimes it discourages me so much that I just want to quit whatever it is I am trying to achieve. But, why should I expect perfection when the truth is that I am not perfect? All that you should expect from yourself is your best

3. Treat your body right. Staying healthy helps your emotional stability. If you just eat junk food all day, you’ll probably feel alright at first because you’re eating something that you like, but the truth is that at the end of the day you will feel heavy, bloated, maybe even guilty. All of this will just make you want to lie in bed and not get up to do anything. Try to keep a healthier diet. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or anything like that to be healthier. Watch your portions, and keep indulgent foods as a rare occasional snack that you can feel happy about once in a while. Also, try to get some exercise done. Again, you don’t have to join a gym to exercise. Just move around, dance to your favorite song, practice a sport that you like. This will all help you feel lighter and happier throughout the day.

Tips to Stay Motivated

4. Get organized. It’s difficult to get things done when you don’t write things down. At least for me. I forget what I need to do or I just procrastinate so bad that I don’t do anything, and then I just feel bad about myself. Get a calendar, a planner, or simply a notebook and write down what you need to get down. Using deadlines for my tasks helps me a lot too. Keep track of what you’ve already accomplished. You will feel happy, satisfied, and ready to get more done after you realize that you’ve done all the things you wrote down. (Check out this cute planner)

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5. Exercise your creativity. Finding new ways to use your imagination and creativity can help you learn new skills, liberate some stress, and maybe even figure out ways to solve problems. Concentrating in an artistic activity will help you look at things in a different way, and could even work as a therapy. Try something you’ve always wanted to try, paint, draw, make a scrapbook, write a poem, play an instrument, or sing! Anything that brings out the creative side of you.

These may seem like insignificant habits, but I assure you, they really do help to stay motivated. Even if you don’t feel it right away, you will notice your mood improving and your motivation to go on increasing a little bit more every day

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