6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls

Let’s make our kitchens pretty and fun with these 6 useful ideas for your kitchen walls!

6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls - Paper and Landscapes

I have been thinking of ways to decorate my kitchen once I have my cabinets installed, which is hopefully going to be soon! And since I only plan to use base cabinets, I’ve been looking for some ideas to decorate the kitchen walls. I want them to look pretty but also be functional. So I have grabbed a few ideas from Pinterest and other interior design websites and I’m making a list of my favorite ones.

6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls

These are my favorite six ideas to decorate my kitchen walls:


1: Shelves


This is a great option because not only it provides with space for storage, but it also allows you to display your items in a nice way, giving your kitchen your own style. Open shelving can look really great when you use a color palette, so that everything goes well together.

2: Art

Beach Style Kitchen by Laguna Beach Design-Build Firms Clark Collins – Collins Design & Development


There are so many different kinds of kitchen art you can use, but I like posters the best because you can choose whatever kind of image or message you want, ones that will inspire you as you look at them every day.

3: Herbs


This is a very useful option. Having the herbs that you use for cooking right there in your kitchen is great as it saves you time and money! Of course, you have to make sure they are in a sunny location and have good drainage, etc. Do some research first so that you don’t kill your little plants!

4: Chalkboard


Write today’s menu, kitchen chores, shopping lists, nice messages, anything you want, right there on your kitchen walls. It’s so fun and useful!

5: Pegboard


This is one I have been really wanting to try. It looks so nice and it allows you to keep your items organized and really accessible. You can choose a pegboard in a color that will fit your kitchen’s style.

6: Spices


Spices can look so good in your kitchen wall when they are all displayed in cute little jars. And if you are someone who uses spices frequently, it will be great to have them where you can reach them easily.

You could also combine a few of these ideas together, as long as it doesn’t look too crowded in your kitchen walls!


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6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls - PIN - Paper and Landscapes

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