Working from home is not easy! Having a great desk and workspace can be a big help for those of us who need to stay focused and inspired each day, working from our own homes!

Ideas Desk and Workspace - Paper and Landscapes

Seven Ideas For Your Desk And Workspace

Here we have seven good ideas that will make our desk and workspace an awesome place to make our jobs a bit easier and happier.

1: Paint your desk a bright color

A pop of color makes your desk so much more friendlier and less serious; this works great for creative jobs.

Try this: Choose a color that makes you happy and paint your desk with it! If you can’t or don’t want to paint your desk, you can paint or buy a lamp with that color, so that your workspace still looks cheerful and bright.

My Houzz: Vibrant Palette in a West Village Apartment

2: Put plants around your desk area

If you like being around nature this one is for you. Having a plant on your desk can really cheer you up and even improve the air quality!

Try this: Buy a plant that is good for the indoors. (Here are some suggestions: 9 Low-Maintenance Plants For The Office)

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3: Put your desk close to a window

Let the light come in and illuminate your life! A bright workspace will allow you to work better, so put your desk close to a window, and be sure to have a good lamp for the night time.

Try this: Rearrange your room or office so that your desk can be well illuminated by natural light.

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4: Make your walls pretty with inspirational posters

They won’t only make your space nicer, but they can also inspire you to be focused on your goals and not give up!

Try this: You can download and print these free posters and tape them to your office walls to get yourself into a positive attitude.


5: Keep your desk organized

The top of your desk, your shelves, and your desk drawers can make your work so much easier if they are all well organized and if you know where to find everything.

Try this: Get some cheap plastic boxes or drawer organizers to keep your stuff in place and make your life easier.

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6: Get a comfortable chair

It makes A LOT of difference. Get a comfortable chair for a more relaxed and productive work day.

Try this: If your back is hurting at the end of the day, you may be in need of a new chair. Invest in a good one for your health!

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7: Keep a calendar on your desk area

This way you don’t have to keep looking at your phone each time you want to check a date, and end up getting distracted with your notifications.

Try this: Download and print our free monthly calendars and use them to organize your days.

Pottery Barn Daily System
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Ideas Desk and Workspace - Paper and Landscapes

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