7 Tips to feel better today

We all have those days when everything seems wrong and we think nothing will make us feel better. Whether we suffer from depression, anxiety, or we are just simply having a bad day, there are a few things that are almost sure to help us feel better. Check out these helpful tips.

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Feel Better Today

Is it even possible? Yes. Sometimes we feel like we can’t even get up, and have no desire to do anything. Some days we feel scared to move; paralyzed. But, you know what? That’s normal. Feeling sad is just a human emotion. We’ve all felt that way sometimes. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and we will have bad days; there’s no way to avoid that entirely. However, we can do something about it. We can take control. We can take small steps one by one that will help us feel better.

The following are just a few ideas of what I try to do when I feel down.

[*PLEASE NOTE* If you are (or suspect you might) be suffering from severe depression or anxiety, you might need professional help, and there’s no shame in that. If you feel like none of these tips help, or you are feeling down too often, please seek help! We want you to get better!]

1. Remember that you are not alone

That sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. You are not alone. Remember that a lot of us have felt that way and have survived. You can too. Reach out to people that you know you can count on to listen to you, make you laugh, or simply keep you company. You can text them, call them, or even invite them over. Don’t be shy about it.

Sometimes we feel like we are bothering them or boring them, specially if it’s not the first time we tell them we’re feeling down. But real friends don’t mind at all, and they will always be willing to help. Family members, close friends, and sometimes even friends that are not that close, can surprise you when it comes to being good listeners, or at least distracting you from what you’re feeling.

7 Tips to Feel Better Today - You are not alone

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like talking to anyone, try writing down how you feel. Venting can help you ease any burden you are feeling. You don’t have to write pretty, you can write it like a story, or you can just write words that describe your thoughts; anything you choose is ok. Reading can also remind you that you are not alone. Whether it’s a book or an article on the internet, you could read about someone that feels or has felt the way you do and how they’ve coped with it. Or you could read any kind of story that will distract your mind and help you see things from a different point of view.

2. Get rid of negative energy

Negative energy is not a magic thing that disappears and appears for no reason. I’m referring to things, places, people, thoughts, anything that usually make you feel down. A shirt that reminds you of your ex, a room that makes you feel suffocated, someone that tends to criticize anything you say, thoughts of self hatred, run away from all of those things that stress you out right now. Get them out of your sight and out of your mind.

When I feel down, I try to stay away from social media. Although they’re not necessarily bad, when I don’t feel good they usually make me feel worse because I tend to focus on the negative things about them. On Facebook I see people debating nonsense, on Instagram I only see great successful artists that make me think less of myself, and the list goes on. If something like this happens to you too, just stay away from them for a while.

3. Don’t skip meals

This is very important. Even though you might not feel like eating, do it. Don’t skip meals for any reason. If you do, your body will start feeling weak, and it will be harder to get up and take control of your day. It will also make it difficult to concentrate. You need food to get the nutrients and the energy your whole body needs. Eating your favorite food might help you open your appetite.

7 Tips to Feel Better Today - Don't skip meals

4. Music therapy

Music can play a big part on helping you feel better. It is proven that music can help people feel better, concentrate easier, and get more creative. To me, it is a great therapy, and without doing much else it really does change my mood. Play your favorite artist, listen to some soft relaxing music, or explore a new kind of music genre. I suggest using Spotify’s “Mood” playlists.

Here’s a Spotify Playlist I found that makes me feel very relaxed.

5. Breathing and Meditation

Breathing exercises are great to slow down your heart rate and help you feel better. Take some time to close your eyes, breathe in slowly through the nose while your chest inflates, hold it in for a moment, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat a few times until you feel calm.

On the other hand, meditation can also be a big help. Personally, I love guided meditation with music. Otherwise, my mind just wanders back to the negative thoughts. I sincerely recommend an app called Calm, which offers different kinds of meditation and breathing exercises, music, and relaxing visuals. (We will post a review on it soon )

6. Take a walk

Feel Better Today - Take a walk

Changing where you are can help you change how you think. If you are feeling negative, chances are that changing the scenery will promote positive thoughts. If you’ve been stuck in your room all day, get out of the house, breathe some fresh air, go to a nearby park. Maybe your mood won’t change instantly, but remember we are taking small steps that will help. If you can’t think of anywhere you would want to go, at least walk around your neighborhood (if it’s a safe place). You probably won’t want to move an inch, but trust me, it’s good to exercise. The secret behind it is that it helps stimulate endorphin production, which are the chemicals in your brain responsible for feeling happy.

Here are some other benefits from making walking a regular habit.

7. Get something done

By now you might have managed to reach out to a friend, get rid of any negative energy, listen to some music, breathe deeply and meditate, have a meal, and take a walk. And you should be very proud of that, because it means you have not let negativity put you down; instead you have taken action and have taken control of what your mood will be. You are probably starting to feel better!

Another thing that will boost your mood even more is to choose something from your day’s to-do list, and get it down right away. Don’t think about it too much, just do it (like Shia LaBeouf would say )! You can do the easiest thing on your list, but get committed to it and finish it. Doing this will make you feel useful, therefore it will boost your self-esteem, and it will probably get you excited enough to finish the rest of your to-do list.

You can also try to complete (or take a step to complete) one of your goals. Check out how to plan your goals with this free printable.

Goal Planning Worksheet

I bet you feel better already! Or at least you don’t feel as down as you did before. It’s ok to feel sad, specially if you are going through a difficult time. But remember that there are always things you can do to make yourself feel better, and that there are people (like us!) who care about you and want to help you get your happiness back. You are beautiful, unique, and courageous. Don’t give up on your happiness.

Check out these other tips and ideas to improve your day and get motivated!


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