8 Ideas For Your Front Door And Entrance

These ideas will inspire you to make your front door and entrance to your house a unique and welcoming place.

Ideas Front Door - Paper and Landscapes

I have been looking for ways to make the front door and entrance to my house look more fun and more unique. I found these ideas on Houzz.com, where I often go in search of inspiration for house decor!

Painting the front door with a fun color

Bright colors will look beautiful in the entrance to your house, but keep in mind the current colors of the walls, as too many strong hues will be hard on the eyes. I’m always excited when I see a house with such happy colors on the front door; it makes the house so unique.

Richmond, 1930

Add pretty plants

The entrance to my Mom’s house is always full of beautiful plants; it makes you feel like it really is a home. This idea won’t really work so well with people who find it hard to make plants stay alive (me included…). You don’t want your front entrance to be full of dead and wilted plants! Go for the ones that are easier to take care of.

Front Door

Paint the porch ceiling

If you have a porch, this will make it look amazing! Painting it with a bright color will make it pop and add a fun and unique look to your house. In the picture below, you can see that they painted it with the same color as the front door. That’s such a great idea!

Front Doors

Add the house number

Make it modern, rustic, vintage, simple, or whimsical. Adding the house number to your front door will add curb appeal and charm.

SE Portland addition

Consider a bench

Depending on the size of your entrance area, you can consider adding a bench or some chairs. It will make your house so much more welcoming, plus it adds a sitting area to relax on the evenings.


Good lighting is important

A lantern on your entrance will not only help to illuminate your front door when it’s dark at night, it will also add a nice touch to your decoration and make it look more inviting and warm.

Exterior Entryway

Add a welcome mat

Greet your guests just as they arrive by placing a welcome mat for your front door. It can be nice and lovely or even funny! There are so many options to choose from!

The Gatekeepers Cottage

Signs and tables

You can send a message to your visitors with a nice handmade sign, or welcome them to your house with some pretty words. In the picture below, they also added a table holding some plants and decor, which I think is perfect for a welcoming entrance if the space allows it.

Custom Home - Door County, WI


Which ones will you choose? I’m so excited to make the entrance to my house a bit more customized, and these ideas are just perfect for it. Some are simple, others require a bit more work, but they will surely help in making my house a home.

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Ideas Front Door - Paper and Landscapes

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