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Hi again! You might have noticed that we haven’t been making new posts for a while; it’s for a reason. We live in Puerto Rico, and our beautiful island was hit by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017.

We live in cement houses, so they are intact, except for some water that entered through the windows. Our family has been extremely fortunate. But so many wooden houses, specially in the countryside, were absolutely destroyed, so much flooding, so much deforestation.. There are people who have lost everything. We never expected the way Hurricane Maria affected our island. However, we are thankful to be alive and happy to be working again.

After the Hurricane - Paper and Landscapes - Deforestation

Our houses had no water service for a few weeks, or power for more than a month.. so it was really hard for all of us to deal with everyday things. On top of that, gas for our cars was very sparse, so we had to make five-hour lines some days to fill the tanks. There were also long lines to buy water and to enter any stores. The phones didn’t work for a few weeks so we didn’t have internet access for quite some time, and even now the service is not working fully.

At this moment, only around 30% of the island has power, so there are no traffic lights, the few malls that are still working are closing early, and ice and batteries are hard to find. These are only a few things that have affected us. A lot of people have had it much worse than we have. Lots of puertorricans have lost their jobs due to the lack of power, and thousands have left the island. Many of our friends have moved to find better living conditions. So many things have changed due to Hurricane Maria.

After the Hurricane - Paper and Landscapes - Flooding


Still, we see some progress every day. There are lots of amazing people who have worked restlessly to help those in need, and many who have donated food and other basic necessities, aside from monetary donations to help rebuild our country.

It’s been a very weird and stressful time for us! But we’re okay 🙂

We really missed writing posts and making new crafty creations and printables. We hope that we can continue sharing our creations and posts with you very soon! Things are slowly but surely getting better in Puerto Rico, and we have many ideas and projects that will be added to the blog soon, so good things are coming!

After the Hurricane - Paper and Landscapes - Colorful Sky

We still receive new email subscribers every day and we are thankful for all our followers who support our blog and share their love with us ♥ Stay tuned! See you soon 🙂

If you would like to help victims in Puerto Rico, click here.

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