Calorie Counter App: MyFitnessPal Review

If you are looking to lose some weight and need a little bit of help, this calorie counter app might give you a hand. It’s called MyFitnessPal, and it is designed to help you reach your weight goals. Check it out!


I hate diets. I have never lasted more than a couple of days dieting. What can I say? I love food. However, throughout the years I have gained quite a few unwanted pounds. Although I never went over the ideal weight considering my gender, height, and age, I was just a pound away from crossing over to the overweight side. No, that’s not really the end of the world. Being a little overweight won’t make you less of a great person. But in my case, I decided it was time to do something about those few extra pounds, and maintain a healthy weight.

Why use a calorie counter app?

I have to admit, I’m a little bit lazy and it would be impossible to lose weight without motivation. That’s when I started looking for a calorie counter app. Why? Because a calorie counter app is not a really diet. You can still eat pizza, cake, or brownies, just as long as you don’t go over the established calories for each day. Sounds good, right?

Well… It’s not that easy. But it’s not impossible.

MyFitnessPal Review

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter app that lets you set goals and keep track of what you’ve eaten throughout the day. Here are some of the features that the free version includes:

  • Free signup / Premium upgrade paid monthly or yearly

Pros: No need to pay anything for basic tracking.

Cons: Free version has ads. Monthly cost for premium is $9.99.

  • Calculate suggested daily calorie intake according to your gender, height, and weight goals.

Pros: You can choose how much weight you want to lose each week.

Cons: No cons.

  • Add food from the app’s database, scan barcodes, or add calories manually.

Pros: They have a huge food database that you can choose from.

Cons: A lot of foods are measured in ounces. If you don’t know how many ounces you consumed, it gets difficult to get an accurate calculation of calories.

MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter App Review (5)

  • Track water intake.

Pros: Water is very important, so it’s good to keep track of it and make sure you’ve had enough.

Cons: There is no reminder to track water. I usually forget to log it in.

  • Reminders.

Pros: You won’t forget to add a meal because you’ll receive notifications specifying which meal you missed. You can choose the time and settings for each reminder.

Cons: It’s missing the water intake reminder.

  • Sync with other fitness apps. For example, FitBit Tracker, Under Armour Record, etc.

(I haven’t used this feature yet.)

  • Add your exercises.

Pros: The more cardio you do, the more calories you burn. That means you can consume a little bit more than the suggested calories. You basically subtract the calories you burn to your remaining calories.

Cons: Strength exercises, like squats or ab crunches, don’t subtract calories. This is kind of unfair to me, because even if you don’t do high impact workouts you are still burning calories. I also think that the database for exercises is a little hard to use. I usually use another app to exercise and just add it as a custom workout.

MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter App Review (3)

  • Track other nutrients.

Pros: You could be staying within your calorie goal, but lacking in protein, or consuming too much fat. These things are important too. To be honest, I don’t give them much thought, but I should. That could help me lose weight even faster.

Cons: No cons.

  • Progress charts.

Pros: This is a big motivating tool for me. When I see that I am making good progress, it makes me keep going. You can also keep track of your measurements and see their progress here.

Cons: No cons.

MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter App Review (10)

  • Community and friends for more motivation.

(I haven’t used this feature yet.)

  • Helpful Blog entries.

Pros: MyFitnessPal’s blog has tons of articles that include tips, recipes, workout ideas, and more, to help you keep going.

Cons: No cons.MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter App Review (2)

Overall, MyFitnessPal is a great calorie tracking tool with tons of features. But, does it really work?


My Experience

Like I said, I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to weight loss techniques. Therefore, it’s a little bit tiresome to have to log every single thing you eat. However, I find it somewhat entertaining and even educational to find out more about the nutrition facts of what I’m eating. So it does take some effort, but it’s not a big deal.

MyfitnessPal Calorie Counter App Review (9)

The truth is, I am impressed with the results I’ve had while using MyFitnessPal. I admit, I have not been 100% strict; some days I do go over the calorie limit. Also, I eat pizza at least once a week, and other junk foods, and I don’t exercise everyday. Mostly, I only exercise when I know I’ve had too much food. Nonetheless, my goal was not to diet like crazy and lose a hundred pounds. My goal was just to eat less and motivate myself while losing some weight. I think this is an ideal goal for anyone.

So, did I get good results? Yes, I did! My calorie counting days began on November 11, weighing 140 lbs. Today, on December 12, a month after I started this whole thing, I weigh 135 lbs. That means I lost 5 pounds! A little bit more than a pound per week. And I’m really happy about it.



Is MyFitnessPal a good calorie counter app? Yes. Does it really work? Yes. Would you have even better results if you weren’t as lazy as me? Of course you would.

HOWEVER, if you decide to give this app a try, please do it responsibly. It is very easy to get too involved in this and start skipping meals or over-doing it just to keep yourself within the ideal calorie intake. Please, don’t do that to yourself. The overall idea is to be healthier, not to starve and drive yourself crazy. If you find yourself  getting too obsessed with losing weight fast no matter what it takes, this is definitely not for you.

Remember, if you have any health conditions, it’s probably best that you talk to a doctor before deciding to use this or any other fitness app.


Where to get it

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For more information on this app, click here.

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