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How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

How to Use Your Printables – 12 Ideas

Do you love downloading random printables, worksheets, planner pages, or anything you can print yourself at home, but are not sure what to do with them after? Here are some ideas for you! Learn some tips on how to use your printables ...
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Message Board - Paper and Landscapes

How I Made My Easy Message Board

This is how I made my own easy message board with inexpensive materials ...
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How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

This is how I print a printable in any size! Want to learn how to do it? ...
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Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

Desk Organizer – Easy DIY Ideas

Create your own desk organizer with this easy tutorial to make your workspace so much more comfortable! ...
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Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

Painted Cork Tiles – Easy DIY Ideas

Follow this simple tutorial to make your own painted cork board. Perfect for inspiration and decor! ...
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Pretty Custom Magnets Tutorial

Are you feeling crafty? Let's make some pretty custom magnets with this tutorial! ...
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Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

Cute Magnets and Board – Easy DIY Ideas

Would you like to make your own magnet board along with some very simple magnets? This super easy tutorial will show you how to make some cute magnets and board for your room! ...
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Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes

Earring Holder – Easy DIY Ideas

Learn how to make your own earring holder stand with this easy tutorial. It's a very pretty way to store and display your earrings! ...
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DIY Marbled Nail Polish Planter

A marbled nail polish planter is all you need to make your indoor garden look super cute and colorful! Check out the step by step tutorial ...
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Box Envelopes - Paper and Landscapes

Make Your Own Cute Box Envelopes

Make your own cute box envelopes with our free printable and tutorial. Let's get crafty and have some fun with this easy DIY! ...
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DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I've always wanted to try this DIY, and I finally did! Check out this easy step by step tutorial to make your own Sharpie Mug. ...
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Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

Crochet Jewelry Dishes – Free Pattern and Tips

Make your own small crochet jewelry dishes with this free pattern to organize your desk or vanity and make it pretty! ...
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10 Ways to Reuse Ipsy Bags

I have been an ipsy subscriber for 9 months now, and I am running out of space for their monthly Glam Bags! Check out these ideas to reuse ipsy bags in cute and useful ways ...
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Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes

Watercolor Wooden Letter – Easy DIY Ideas

Learn how to make a simple wooden letter beautiful with watercolor abstract flowers. This simple tutorial will help you decorate your own easy watercolor wooden letter! ...
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Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

Make all your gifts look unique and pretty with this easy scrapbook paper gift bag tutorial! ...
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Wooden Square BG - Paper and Landscapes

Wooden Square Background – Easy DIY Ideas

This easy to make wooden square background will make your shelf or desk look so cute and lovely. It can hold a nice picture, a small print, or a loving message. See how you can make your own! ...
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Succulents in a Box - Paper and Landscapes

Succulents in a Box – Cute DIY Ideas

Here is a very easy DIY idea that you can make to decorate your house or office: Cute and tiny succulents in a box. Check it out! ...
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DIY: Easy & Cute Corner Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks look so cute, and they are so easy to make! I was in need of a decent bookmark, so I decided to make one myself. Read the step by step instructions to make one for all of your books! ...
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Mini Crates Decor - Paper and Landscapes


Last week we made some very pretty mini pallets to use for decoration. This week we are making these equally cute mini crates made out of the same skinny sticks! ...
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Mini Pallets Decor - Paper and Landscapes


Let's make our own mini pallets decoration with this easy tutorial! ...
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DIY Geometric Modern Decor

I love how it looks to add a little bit of a modern decor mixed in with a rustic style, so I decided to try an easy way to make a geometric shape that would look great as a centerpiece, or even as a hanging decoration. Take a look at the steps to make one yourself! ...
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Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes


These pretty paper rosettes can surely brighten up a house! You can also use them to decorate the walls in your office, craft room or even a school class room. The best thing is they are so easy to make ...
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My Experience Making a Scarf with a Loom

Making a scarf with a loom may just be exactly what you need to get excited about knitting. Check out how I made a pretty scarf with a loom on the first try! ...
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New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes


If you have or are planning to get a new planner, here are some free printable inserts for you! They are perfect for a personal sized planner ...
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Free Printable Posters - Paper and Landscapes

Free Printable Posters for your Craft Room or Kitchen

Decorate your craft room, office, or kitchen with these awesome printable posters! With the words "Create", "Handmade", and "DIY" they will inspire you to get your creative side flowing and open your hands to art! ...
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6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls - Paper and Landscapes

6 Ideas For Your Kitchen Walls

Let’s make our kitchens pretty and fun with these 6 useful ideas for your kitchen walls! ...
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Spring Inspired DIY Flower Crown

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming and ideas are too. That's why today we have this easy DIY Flower Crown, inspired by the season, just for you ...
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Crochet Cactus Free Pattern - Paper and Landscapes

Crochet Cactus In A Cup – Free Pattern!

If you're someone that can't keep a plant alive, this one's for you. This free pattern will allow you to make a very cute crochet cactus in a teacup to decorate your home or give as a gift! ...
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Easy Scrapbook Paper Box Tutorial

This scrapbook paper box tutorial will make your life easier for the times you just need a cute box for a small gift, or even to decorate or organize your things. You just need a few materials that you can find at any craft store ...
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Easy Modern Abstract Painting Tutorial

Update your room, your office, or your craft room with this fun and easy modern abstract painting tutorial! With just a few materials and some creativity, you can make a cool painting in no time. It's such an easy project. You can even have your kids do it for their room! ...
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Love Notes In A Jar - Cute Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

Love Notes In A Jar – Cute Ideas

Jars are lovely! Love notes are sweet and inspiring! Let's put them together and we have a very cute idea for couples to express their feelings and remember the good times ...
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Design Custom Crochet Doll - Paper and Landscapes

Design your own custom crochet doll

Would you like to design your own crochet doll? Choose from over 50 options to design your own personalized doll! ...
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Galaxy in a Bottle - Paper and Landscapes

Tiny Galaxy in a Bottle – How to make them

You can have a tiny galaxy in your hands with this simple tutorial. Learn how to make a galaxy design inside a small bottle using glitter glue and paint! ...
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Paper Crafty Box - Paper and Landscapes

Paper Crafty Box – Monthly Kit – December

We are so happy to present you our new monthly box, from Paper and Landscapes! The theme for our Paper Crafty Box in DECEMBER is "Dots and Lines", so you will get a very unique box with craft supplies that feature this happy design theme ...
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Make and Decorate a Cute Makeup Brush Holder

If you have an empty container lying around, you can make your own makeup brush holder and decorate it to make it look super cute in your makeup area. Here are some ideas! ...
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Paper Bag Gift Wrapping - Paper and Landscapes

Paper Bag Gift Wrapping Tutorial

This brown paper bag gift wrapping looks so nice and it's very simple to make. Perfect for those smaller gifts or food related items ...
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DIY Lip Scrub for Perfect Lips

Dry lips can be very annoying, especially when you want to show off your favorite lipsticks. You can avoid this by just taking good care of them. Do your lips a favor, and try this DIY Lip Scrub. They'll thank you for it! ...
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Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover

My room has had the same lightswitch cover since forever. It's ugly, old, and it has paint on it. Today I'm going to give it a makeover and turn it into a washi tape lightswitch! ...
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Little Mermaid Crochet Pattern - Paper and Landscapes

Featured Crochet Pattern: The Little Mermaid

Today we're featuring a crochet pattern that is very dear to my heart. This little mermaid is so cute, and it's easy to make, as it doesn't have a lot of complicated stitches and techniques ...
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DIY Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - by Paper and Landscapes

Whimsical polymer clay tiny houses

This polymer clay tiny houses are so cute! I thought they would be harder to make but they're actually pretty simple. Especially because there's no right or wrong way, as long as you like how they turn out, they're perfect! ...
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Cloud Magnets - Paper and Landscapes

Polymer clay magnets – Cute clouds!

These colorful polymer clay magnets with cloud shapes can really brighten up a plain white refrigerator or dry erase board. The swirly look of the colors feels so magical! Wanna see how easy they are to make? ...
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Easy DIY Dry Erase Board

Making your own DIY Dry Erase Board is a lot easier than you think. You won't spend much money, it won't take a lot of time, and the result will be super cute! ...
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Rustic Gift Wrapping - Paper and Landscapes

Rustic Gift Wrapping – Cute Ideas

The wrapping is a very special part of a gift. This rustic wrapping gives the present a nice personal touch that anyone will love. It turns out beautiful and inexpensive, which is really awesome! ...
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Paper and Landscapes

Mirror Pinboard – Cute Ideas

It’s really easy to make! With cheap materials you can create this very cute mirror pinboard to decorate your walls... and to draw or write on it! Attach it right next to your door so you can give yourself a last look before going out and also get a reminder pinned to the corkboard ...
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Paper and Landscapes

Notepad and Chalk Board – How to make it

If you love making lists and taking notes, you will love this notepad and chalk board combo tutorial. It’s easy to make and fun to use! ...
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