Crochet Jewelry Dishes – Free Pattern and Tips

Make your own small crochet jewelry dishes with this free pattern to organize your desk or vanity and make it pretty!

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

I have seen many polymer clay jewelry dishes, but I needed something simpler and different. These small and cute crochet jewelry dishes give some color and happiness to a desk, vanity, or nightstand. You can use them to hold your wedding rings, earrings, loose coins, or other tiny things that you don’t want to lose.

They are really easy to make with basic crochet skills, and you can choose any colors that you like for them. Make as many as you need or want!

I will also show how to make some crochet techniques that are really useful for this and other projects.


Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

I used a 100% cotton yarn, but you can use any other 4 ply yarn for this.
Use any color you want! I used mint because it’s my favorite.
Grab your scissors, crochet hook (I used 3.5mm hook), and a yarn needle.
If you tend to get lost working in rounds, you can use a stitch marker, like I did.

Abbreviations and Symbols

mr: MAGIC RING: make single crochet stitches into an adjustable loop
inc: INCREASE: make two single crochet in the same stitch
(  ): REPEAT: repeat the pattern between the parentheses the number of times specified
[  ]: TOTAL STITCHES: number of total stitches in a round

Beginning Circle

To begin my crochet jewelry dishes, I decided to start with a “magic circle” or “adjustable ring”. There are several different ways to make them, but this is how I always make it and it works well for me:

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

1: Make a loop with the yarn and insert the hook just like you see in the first picture.

2: Then grab the yarn and pull it through the inside of the circle.

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

3: Grab it tightly and draw up a loop with your hook, forming a ch 1.

4: Now your circle is ready to start crocheting in it.

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

5: Make 6 single crochet into the magic ring.

6: Pull the beginning yarn tail to close the ring tightly.

Note: This can be a tricky technique for beginners, so you can use this method or find an easier one that works better for you. There are many tutorials and videos on how to do this, so don’t give up! You can do it!

Making the Dish

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

Here is the written pattern, but you can also see the short version below it.

1: Make 6 single crochet into a magic ring (If you followed the Beginning Circle steps, you already did this)

2: Inc (Make 2 single crochets together) into each stitch. You will end up with 12 stitches.

3: Make 1 single crochet, then 1 inc. Keep doing this until you finish the round, ending up with 18 stitches.

4: Make 1 inc, then 2 single crochets. Repeat until the end of the round, and you will have 24 stitches.

5: Make 3 single crochets, then 1 inc. Repeat until the end of the round, and you will have 30 stitches.

6: Now make 1 inc, then 9 single crochets. Repeat until the end of the round, and finally you will end up with 33 stitches.

Short Version:

1: sc6 into mr = [6]
2: (inc) 6 times = [12]
3: (sc1, inc) 6 times = [18]
4: (inc, sc2) 6 times = [24]
5: (sc3, inc) 6 times = [30]
6: (inc, sc9) 3 times = [33]


The easy way to close it is to make a slip stitch, cut the yarn and hide the remaining yarn tail. But here is another way to make a tidier closing that looks more professional.

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

1: Cut the yarn, leaving around 3 to 4 inches of yarn tail to work with.

2: Pull the yarn through the loop completely with your hook like shown in the picture.

3: Now attach your yarn needle to it.

4: And put your needle through, just under the second stitch from the top. (Under the v shape.)

Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

5: Now put your needle through the last stitch you made, but this time, pull it through the center of the v, instead of under it. (Follow the picture)

6: There you have a neater closure, much better looking than a slip stitch.

7: You can hide the remaining yarn tail behind your crochet dish, and cut it.

8: And it’s finished!


Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

I know the instructions are not the clearest, but I promise you it’s really easy, just be patient and practice! Check the pictures carefully for the process if you don’t understand very well the written instructions. And if you have any trouble or questions, leave a comment! I’ll try my best to help you. ^^

If you are or want to be a more experienced crochet artist, be sure to check out our other free patterns!
Also, visit our partner Etsy shop Roseberry Arts, for more cute crochet patterns.

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Crochet Jewelry Dishes - Paper and Landscapes

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