Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover

My room has had the same lightswitch cover since forever. It’s ugly, old, and it has paint on it. Today I’m going to give it a makeover and turn it into a washi tape lightswitch!

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover

Washi Tape Lightswitch Materials:

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 2

  • Lightswitch cover

You can buy a new one (they’re really cheap) or just use your existing lightswitch cover.

  • Washi Tape

They are easy to find at any craft store. For more variety, you can order through Ebay or Amazon.

(Check these out: Marrywindix 10x Decorative Washi Rainbow Sticky Paper Masking Adhesive Tape Scrapbooking DIY)

Make sure you buy enough to cover the whole cover. (One should be enough, but just in case, check the measurements.)

  • Paint (optional)

If your lightswitch cover is old and ugly (like mine), and you don’t want to buy a new one, just use some white spray paint as a base color (like this one)

  • Screwdriver

Of course, you need something to unscrew the lighwitch from the wall.

  • Scissors

To cut the washi tape pieces you need.

To create your own lightswitch makeover, follow this steps:

  1. Make sure your lightswitch cover is clean, specially if you have an old one like mine. If it has any paint, just scrape it off.

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 3

  1. Some kinds of washi tape do not have solid colors, in other words, they can be a little bit see-through. In that case, you need to make sure that the color of the lightswitch cover will not make the tape’s pattern or colors look darker. I recommend using white spray paint to give the cover a good base color. Let it dry for a couple of hours.

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 4

  1. Use as many washi tape as you like! You can use solid colors, or combine with patterns. If you want to keep it simple, just use one. Cut a long piece of washi tape, a little bit longer than the lightswitch cover, and stick it on in the direction that you want. Repeat until you completely cover it. I cut the middle pieces a little bit thinner so they would fit.

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 5

  1. Fold any excess washi tape inside the lightswitch cover.
  1. Use your screw to poke a hole throw the tape. Screw the lightswitch unto your wall. If you don’t like how the screws look (I didn’t, so I did this) just cut another piece of washi tape and place it over the piece that has the screw.

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 8

Here are both results:

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 9

Cute Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover 10
That’s it! It’s so easy and it looks so pretty now!

Look at some other design ideas:

Ready to make your lightswitch cover pop with this washi tape makeover? Have fun!

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