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Create your own desk organizer with this easy tutorial to make your workspace so much more comfortable!

Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

I have seen some DIY desk organizers made by taping together cereal boxes. I was going to make one, but it just seemed like too much work, cutting all the boxes that have different sizes and taping them together somehow. It’s not actually that hard, I just wanted something even easier!

I have many boxes that I buy for shipping things, because I sell stuff online. So I just took one of those, cut the flaps and taped them inside to use them as dividers, and covered it with pretty paper. That’s it! Now my desk looks SO much prettier and better organized.

So if you want to know how I made my own desk organizer, keep on reading!

This is what I used:

– 1 box (mine is 9 x 6 x 4)
– scissors
– packaging tape (you could use strong glue instead)
– washi tape
– scrapbook paper

How I made my desk organizer:

Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

1 | I started by taping together the bottom of the box to seal it.

2 | Then I cut three of the four flaps.

3 | I left one of the longer flaps up, to form the back of the organizer.

4 | Then I attached the other long flap to the inside of the box, forming a division. (I used tape, but you could also use glue)

Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

5 | I measured and cut the other flaps to form more dividers.

6 | Then I taped two of them to the front part of the box.

7 | You can add more divisions if you want, with some leftover cardboard!

8 | To make the borders pretty, I attached some washi tape to them, cutting a slit on each corner to help it bend better around them.

Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

9 | I attached the washi tape to all the borders of the box and the dividers.

10 | Then I covered the outside of the box with scrapbook paper using a tape runner. (You can use glue, mod podge, or double sided tape)

11 | Remember to choose a paper color that looks good with the design of your office or craft room or wherever you decide to use your desk organizer!

12 | I decided to add some more washi tape where the scrapbook paper ended, for a more “finished” look.

Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

It’s finished!

My notebooks fit perfectly on the back, and then I put some of my journaling cards, washi tapes, and paint on the front. You can really customize it to make it work for you. I’m planning on making another one of these desk organizers soon, as I’ve found it to be awesome to have the things I use the most right there in front of me and all organized. 🙂


If you make your own desk organizer, be sure to share it with us; we would love to see it! You can always tag us on Instagram to share your awesome creations with us, and we’ll be so happy to see them.

More easy DIY ideas will be posted soon, so stay around, and happy crafting!

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Desk Organizer - Paper and Landscapes

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