DIY: Easy & Cute Corner Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks look so cute, and they are so easy to make! I was in need of a decent bookmark, so I decided to make one myself. Read the step by step instructions to make one for all of your books!

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark -FI

I have been trying to become a more frequent reader lately, and although I like reading a book from cover to cover on one seating, sometimes I just don’t have the time.

So what happens next is I take any piece of paper lying around to mark the page I’m on, and if I can’t find anything, I just think I’ll remember the page number for next time… But that never happens because my memory is terrible! Today I found an easy solution for that

 Corner bookmarks are awesome ♥ 

Of course, bookmarks are usually an inexpensive product to buy and they can be found anywhere, but I wanted to make one myself. I’ve always seen these kind of corner bookmarks on Pinterest and I think they’re adorable! But what I didn’t realize is that they are also super easy to make.

 What you need 

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 1

    • Cute square scrapbook paper – I used American Crafts Studio Calico 6×6 Paper Pad. If you prefer, you can use any other kind of paper, but it has to be square, so you can just cut it down if it’s not.
    • Scissors – These are optional. I did not need scissors for my corner bookmark (which was for a book that measured 9″x6″ approximately). However, if you will be using your corner bookmarks on smaller books, you might need scissors to cut your paper to 5″x5″ or less.
    • The book you are currently reading (of course!)

 Step by Step

1. Choose a square scrapbook paper with a pretty design.

2. With the decorative side face down, fold the paper into a triangle.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 2

3. Fold only one side of the center corner down to the base of the triangle.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 3

4. Fold the longest corners of the triangle into the center corner remaining.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 4

5. Fold both corners down to the inside, creating a pocket.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 7

5. Now place a few pages of your book inside the pocket of your corner bookmark, and that’s it!

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 8

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 10

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 9

You can customize them however you like! You can draw on them or cut some other pieces of paper to make other features on them. In fact, I’ve seen a bunch of these corner bookmarks as cute animals with little ears poking out, or even as cartoon characters.

Still, I really like keeping them simple, because scrapbook papers are already adorable to me. So I made a few more corner bookmarks the same way.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 12

I did, however, make one corner bookmark on a blank paper, and just wrote on it with a black marker with an extremely simple design, and I liked it a lot too.

DIY Easy & Cute Corner Bookmark 11

Just be creative and let your imagination tell you what to do in terms of additional decorations! Enjoy your book!

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