DIY Geometric Modern Decor

I love how it looks to add a little bit of a modern decor mixed in with a rustic style, so I decided to try an easy way to make a geometric shape that would look great as a centerpiece, or even as a hanging decoration. Take a look at the steps to make one yourself!

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I’ve seen so many cool geometric decorations lately, and I wanted to try it for myself to add a touch of modern decor to my room. You could give it your own style and use it as a centerpiece for wedding tables, as a hanging decoration, or maybe even put a planter or jewelry holder in it! It’s very easy and fast to make, and you won’t need to spend much money either.

What you need:

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  • Straws: I used decorative paper straws that were left over from a themed party, but you can use any type of straw. If you will use your decoration to hold something inside of it, I suggest you use the strongest type of straw you can find.
  • Wire: Thin wire will work best. It is important that you can bend, shape, and cut your wire.
  • Scissors: This is what I had at hand, but you can also use a wire-cutter.
  • Spray Paint: Metallic spray paint looks great for this project. I used silver, but I think bronze or gold would look awesome too!

Step by Step:

1. Get the straws you need for the geometric shape that you want to create for your modern decor. I chose a triangular based pyramid that could be used both as a centerpiece and also as a hanging decoration. For this pyramid you will need six straws. Three of the straws will form a triangle for the base or bottom of the decoration.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (2)

2. Next, slip the wire inside all the straws for the bottom of your decoration. Since we are making a triangular base pyramid, you only need three straws for the bottom.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (3)

3. Make sure the end of the straws are as close to each other as they can, creating the triangle shape, and twist the wire at the end with the wire at the beginning of your shape to hold them together.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (4)

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (5)

4. Cut both ends of the wire as close as you can so you don’t get sharp edges. You can also bend the wire to hide the ends.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (6)

5. Get the rest of your straws to form the 3d pyramid shape. Stick your wire inside one of the straws and cut it, leaving about 1 inch on both ends. Do the same for the rest of the straws.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (7)

6. Tie one end of each straw’s wire to the wire of each corner of your base shape. Cut any leftover wire and/or bend it to hide it.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (8)

7. Get all the straws together in the center of your base shape, tie all of them together as closely as you can, and cut and/or hide any leftover wire.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (9)

8. Almost ready! Now spray paint your geometric modern decor with a metallic finish. (Follow your spray paint’s instructions.)

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (10)

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (11)

*Optional* If you want to make a hanging decoration, use a very thin thread to tie one or more corners of your geometric shape and tape it from the ceiling or a shelf.

DIY Geometric Modern Decor (13)

That’s all! It’s very simple, but it still looks very cool If you like how it looks, just get creative and make other different shapes to decorate your home!

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