Cute Magnets and Board – Easy DIY Ideas

Would you like to make your own magnet board along with some very simple magnets? This super easy tutorial will show you how to make some cute magnets and board for your room!

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

So, my plan was to bake some delicious whoopie pies, but I didn’t have a proper cookie sheet. I went and bought a really cheap one at a small local store but I forgot to take the measurements of my tiny oven… When I got home and remembered that I should have taken the measurements, I ran to my oven to put the cookie sheet in and to my (not so much) surprise.. it didn’t fit. Since the cookie sheet was so cheap anyway, I decided to keep it for something else.

I remembered that I have seen some diy magnet boards made with cookie sheets on Pinterest, so I decided to do just that. It’s really such an easy project that it’s almost not a project at all. You just stick some magnets to it and it’s already a magnet board. But if you want to take it a step further, you can also make it look pretty and fun with these ideas.

This is what I used:

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

– A cookie sheet in any size you want
– Two pieces of scrapbook paper
– Double sided tape
– A ruler and a craft knife or scissors
– Magnetic tape strips
– Some skinny wooden sticks (I bought them at Walmart)

How to make it

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes
Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

Cut the pieces of scrapbook paper to fit inside your cookie sheet. You can use only one if it fits inside, but I chose two because they were too small, but it also helped to make a pocket on the bottom part. Attach them with double sided tape, leaving the top part of the bottom paper open to use as a pocket.

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes
Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

If you are using the same magnetic tape strips as I am, they already have some adhesive on them so you don’t have to use any glue. Just take two of the skinny wooden sticks and attach them to the magnets. I made two of these, but you can make more.

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes
Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

You can see in the above picture how the magnet looks front and back, it’s really simple to make. Now you can attach anything you want to your magnet board, and change it up whenever you feel like it. Here I added some beautiful journaling cards and tags, and put some extra in the pocket for later.

Cute Magnets and Board

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

It’s so easy but it looks SO cute depending on what you decide to attach and the colors you use. You can also attach pictures, ideas, recipes, anything you want to display.

Hang it on your wall using mounting tape or put it on a shelf or desk for easier access.

Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes


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If you make your own magnets and board, be sure to share it with us; we would love to see it! You can always tag us on Instagram to share your awesome creations with us, and we’ll be so happy to see them!

More easy DIY ideas will be posted soon, so stay around, and happy crafting!

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Magnets and Board - Paper and Landscapes

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