DIY Marbled Nail Polish Planter

A marbled nail polish planter is all you need to make your indoor garden look super cute and colorful! Check out the step by step tutorial.


I recently got a new baby for my cactus collection! ♥ So I decided it needed a special planter to complement its beauty. In this step by step tutorial you’ll learn to make your own marbled nail polish planter using a popular and fairly easy technique.

Marbled Nail Polish Planter


What you need:

  • Light colored bowl or planter – I bought a cheap $3 white bowl that’s made of plastic. You can also use any type of ceramic bowl or planter for this.
  • Nail polish – I chose red to complement the color of my cactus, but you can choose any color you want, even multiple colors. I recommend no more than three colors to get cleaner results.
  • Container – You need a container that is at least a little bit larger than your planter.
  • Toothpick – It doesn’t really have to be a toothpick. Just use whatever disposable stick you can find.
  • Spray Sealer – *Optional* I decided to use a sealer to make sure that the design doesn’t fade quickly.

Step by Step

1. Fill half, or two thirds, of your container with water.

2. Pour a little bit of your nail polish in the water. How much of it you pour and what technique you use will affect your final design. Don’t worry, this is an abstract design, there’s no right or wrong! Remember, you can use more than one color, I just decided to keep it simple. Try to work fast so the nail polish won’t sink, harden, or spread out too much.


3. Use the toothpick to swirl your nail polish and get a marbled feel to it. Don’t go crazy with this; mixing it up too much could result in a muddy design.

4. Dip your planter in the water up to the point where you want your design to end. If you want a clean line, just put some masking tape around your planter before dipping it.


5. Place your planter on some paper towel to dry. Wait until your design has dried completely to add any final touches (like the spray sealer). If you want to add more colors, you can repeat all the previous steps before sealing your design.


5. Add your baby plant ♥


And you’re done! That wasn’t all that hard, was it? And the results are absolutely adorable!

There are so many possibilities of cool designs with this technique. Show us your own marbled nail polish planter in the comments section below!

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