DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

I’ve always wanted to try this DIY, and I finally did! Check out this easy step by step tutorial to make your own Sharpie Mug.

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Making a Sharpie Mug is super easy, but it has its tricks. There are tons of tutorials out there, but I did some research to find how to make a durable Sharpie Mug. This is how I did it:

Sharpie Mug: Materials

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 1

  • Ceramic Mug – Don’t get too picky buying an expensive mug. Some believe cheap mugs work even better for this DIY. Something like this will do. Or just get the cheapest one you can find. [I’m not sure if a solid colored mug would work the same. I used a white one, just in case!]
  • OIL Based Sharpie – This is very important. Paint Sharpies are essential. You can’t just use any regular sharpie. I mean, you can, but it won’t last very long and it will not withstand washing.

You can use any color [I’m thinking about getting these Paint Sharpies to make more mugs!], but keep in mind that they will look darker once you bake the mug. Also, if you can find a fine point sharpie, I think that would be best, just to be more precise. Mine had a bold point and it was a little difficult, but it works too.

  • Alcohol
  • Toothpick

Step by Step

1. Make sure your mug is completely clean by rubbing some alcohol on it. This will help the paint stick on to the ceramic mug.

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 2


2. Choose and practice your design. Since this is my first Sharpie Mug, I decided to keep it simple and just write the word “Smile” on it. It’s cute and it looks happy! 🙂 But you can get as creative as you like. Just be sure to practice on a blank paper beforehand, so you have a better idea of the size of the design and see how it looks. Remember to keep in mind that the mug’s shape is cylindrical, so it will be a little more difficult to write or draw on it.

Also, don’t forget to think about how you will use your mug. If you choose to use it as a pen holder, then you probably won’t be holding it in your hand so much, so it would be ok for your design to cover the mug completely! However, if you are going to use it for your coffee every morning, then I think it would be better to choose a smaller design, and to avoid painting the handle.


3. Start your design! Don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can erase the paint with a little bit of alcohol. In fact, I hated how my handwriting looked on the first try (even though I practiced!), so I erased it completely and started over. Just make sure there are no smudges left!

4. Once you have your design, refine the edges. You can add more paint with your sharpie if needed, or you can erase small mistakes by dipping the tip of a toothpick in alcohol and scratching the paint off.

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 13

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 9

5. Let your mug dry for at least 24 hours. It has been recommended to wait up to 72 hours for it to be completely dry. If you have the time, wait as much as you like! I waited about 48 hours.


6. Place your mug in your oven. Do not preheat. Bake on 425° F for 1 hour. Let it cool completely inside the oven.

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 7

That’s it!

Your Sharpie Mug should be able to be hand-washed without worrying about the design fading easily. Still, you should wash it carefully, just in case.

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 11.5

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial - 10

I think I’m keeping mine as a pen holder. Isn’t it cute? I’m definitely making more! ♥

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