Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action

Want your pics to look soft and dreamy? Download our “Dreamy Creamy” Free Photoshop Action!

Turn your photos into a hazy and creamy sunset colored dream with this simple and free Photoshop action. After you load it, you can use it on any photo with just one ‘click’.

Before&After Dreamy Creamy - Paper&Landscapes

What are Photoshop Actions?

If you are a Photoshop beginner, actions will just make your work so much easier. Actions are recorded tasks, adjustments, or settings, that you can replay automatically as many times as you like. This will help you save time and effort. You can either create your own actions, or you can load or import actions created by others into your project.

How to Load Actions

  1. After downloading the Action that you want to load, open your Adobe Photoshop program and go to your Actions panel. If you can’t see it, go to Window > Actions.
  2. Open the Actions menu and click ‘Load Actions’.Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action 2
  3. Find the .atn file that you downloaded, and click ‘Load’.

Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action 3

  1. Click on the Action Set folder to open it, and then click on the Action. Press ‘Play’.

Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action   4

That’s it! Now enjoy your “Dreamy Creamy” Action!

Download Free Photoshop Action 

Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action  5Click here to download

Terms of use 

  • You are free to use this action for personal or commercial projects. Although attribution is not strictly required, it would be really nice of you to give us credit and link to our blog when you use it!
  • This action was made to help others free of cost. Do not redistribute, post for download, or sell.

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