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Learn how to make your own earring holder stand with this easy tutorial. It’s a very pretty way to store and display your earrings!

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes

I don’t have many earrings. I usually wear the same ones every day. My sister has a huge collection of very unique earrings (which I like to borrow sometimes 😉 ), so she uses a giant jewelry rack to store them. I, on the other hand, have like 4 or 5 pairs of earrings in a little box on my nightstand. Well, I decided it was time to get them out of there so I can start to actually use them. I saw some pretty earring holders on Pinterest, so I wanted to make my own. It was really easy, since I already had all the materials needed. I want to show you how I made it, so that you can also make one for yourself!

This is what I used:

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes - Materials

– Some skinny wooden sticks (I bought them at Walmart)
Strong glue or hot glue
– Scissors (or a better tool to cut the sticks!)
– Optional: Acrylic paint in any color you like (I used a matte white paint)
– Optional: Foam brush

How to make it

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes - Steps 1-4

1: Cut 11 sticks to 4 inches long each.

2: You can use scissors, but if you have a better tool to cut wood, use that one instead! (If you use scissors, be careful with the cut sticks flying to your face! 😛 )

3: Grab 2 more sticks, but don’t cut them. (Their original size is around 5.5 inches long.)

4: Start gluing the short sticks to the long ones. I glued the top and the bottom ones first. (See picture 5.)

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes - Steps 5-8

5: Now you will have formed a rectangle.

6: Glue the center stick next. (This makes it easier to align them all.)

7: Now, glue the rest of the sticks; 4 on the top part, 4 on the bottom part.

8: Take 4 of the smaller sticks that you cut on the first steps, (they measure around 1.5 inches long) and glue 2 of them together. Glue the other 2 together also. Grab 2 more sticks, and leave them in their original size.

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes - Steps 9-12

9: Glue the smaller sticks to the bottom, and the long sticks to the back. (Use the picture as a guide.) Leave it to dry.

10: Cut 3 more sticks to a bit more than 4″ inches long. (See the picture.)

11: Apply glue to the corners of 2 of them. (These ones will go on the bottom of your earring holder.)

12: Glue them to the bottom using the picture as a guide. (This will make your earring holder more stable. You will use the third stick on the next step.)

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes - Steps 13-16

13: Apply a drop of glue to each of the top 2 corners.

14: Glue the third stick to the top of your earring holder. (This will give it a nicer finish.)

15: That’s it! Make sure you give each step enough time for the glue to dry.

16: Optional: Now you can paint it with any color that you like. (I chose white, and I painted it in a streaky kind of weathered look.)

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes
Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes

DIY Earring Holder

After the paint has dried, you can hang your pretty earrings any way you like.

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes

I really love how it turned out; it’s the perfect size for my nightstand, where I use to keep them, and it looks very interesting and unique. I love it!

Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes


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If you make your own earring holder, be sure to share it with us; we would love to see it! You can always tag us on Instagram to share your awesome creations with us, and we’ll be so happy to see them!

More easy DIY ideas will be posted soon, so stay around, and happy crafting!

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Earring Holder - Paper and Landscapes

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