Easy DIY Dry Erase Board

Making your own DIY Dry Erase Board is a lot easier than you think. You won’t spend much money, it won’t take a lot of time, and the result will be super cute!


DIY Dry Erase Board:

Having a Dry Erase Board around can be very useful. You can use it to write your shopping list, or maybe just to write a little message for someone. The best part is that making your own Dry Erase Board is easy and fun!  Just follow this simple steps:

Easy Dry Erase Board 4

You don’t need much for this DIY. The items pictured above are inexpensive, and you probably have some of them already lying around the house.

You will need a picture frame. It can be any size you want! Usually glass works best, but you can just test your dry erase markers beforehand. I bought my picture frame at Walmart for $2.

Scrapbook paper will make your DIY Dry Erase Board look super cute. However, this is only optional. You can use a blank paper, construction paper, newspaper, any kind of paper, really. You can even use a photograph. For better results, try to use a solid, light, color, or a pattern doesn’t look too busy. This will make your writing easier to read.

You need a scissor to cut your scrapbook paper if it’s necessary.

And of course, you will need some dry erase markers. I love using the ones that already come with small erasers on their caps. Look for makers with fine tip to make it easier to write. I bought mine also at Walmart, and they cost about $5.

Easy Steps:

  1. Use the back of the picture frame to measure the paper and trace it with a pencil to use it as a guide.

Easy Dry Erase Board 2

  1. Use your scissor to cut along the lines you just made.

Easy Dry Erase Board 3

  1. Place the paper in your picture frame. Write or draw whatever you want with your dry erase markers, and you’re done!

Easy Dry Erase Board

This is just the simplest way of creating your own Dry Erase Board. Feel free to add anything you like to make it unique! For example, you can add a magnetic sheet inside the picture frame to hold your magnetic dry erase markers, or you can paint your picture frame to make it even cuter. Just have fun with it!

Here’s a tip: Print our ‘Today’s Tasks’ Free Printable Sheet and use it inside your picture frame to write your daily to-do’s!

Watch this short video tutorial to see the process of this DIY!



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