Easy Modern Abstract Painting Tutorial

Update your room, your office, or your craft room with this fun and easy modern abstract painting tutorial! With just a few materials and some creativity, you can make a cool painting in no time. It’s such an easy project. You can even have your kids do it for their room!

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What you need for this painting tutorial:

Materials - Painting Tutorial - PandL

> Canvas <

You can use any kind of blank canvas. The size will be up to you. You could even use a light wood to paint. Just take into consideration where you’ll be placing your painting and choose the type of canvas and size accordingly.

> Paint <

Choose the kind of paint you want to use. You could use simple acrylic or oil paint, or give it a different feel with watercolors, or even spray paint. There’s no limit to the number of colors that you can use, but choose the wisely! Otherwise your painting won’t be as eye-catching as you would hope.

> Brushes <

The type of brush you use will create a unique kind of stroke. Check out some types of brushes here. However, you could also use a painting sponge, or even a paint roller. Remember, just let your creativity flow!

> Masking Tape <

Tape is the key to this painting tutorial. You will need an easily removable tape to create a design or pattern. I recommend not to use a tape that is too wide. Narrower lines will look better in a small painting space.

Step by Step

1. Remember, this is an abstract painting, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a random mess that has no significance. So take a minute to think about your design and colors, and give it a meaning. That way, your painting will have so much more personal value. The color scheme I chose make me feel calm and peaceful. Consequently, I used watercolors to give it a careless and relaxed quality. A small watercolor brush was the only tool I needed for my painting.

2. Get the masking tape and create your design. Make lines in any direction that you want. You can also make specific geometric shapes with the tape. Be careful not to overcrowd your painting space. The great thing about masking tape is that you can remove it and tape it back as many times as you want, so you can avoid mistakes.

 Step 2 - Painting Tutorial - PandL      Step 2 - Painting Tutorial - PandL

3. Paint! Let your creativity take over and paint with your heart. It’s not necessary to define shapes in an abstract painting. Just let the feel of the brush, the blending of the colors, and the overall feeling of your painting take over yourself. Don’t stop until you feel confident about your creation.

Step 3 - Painting Tutorial - PandL

Step 4 - Painting Tutorial - PandL

4. Wait until it dries completely before taking off the masking tape. This will help create sharp lines for your design to be revealed. However, the type of paint and brush that you have used will affect how sharp your lines are. For example, I decided to use watercolors. Since water soaks the masking tape, my lines won’t be sharp. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on the effect you want.

Step 4 - Painting Tutorial - PandL

Step 4 - Painting Tutorial - PandL

5. [Optional] Seal your painting. You can use a spray finish, or even just a coat of Mod Podge. Remember, to check what kind of finish does the sealer have. Whether it’s glossy, semi-gloss, or matte, it’s up to you to decide. This final step will help protect your painting and make it last longer.

Final Results:

Final Results - Painting Tutorial - PandL

Final Results - Painting Tutorial - PandL   Final Results - Painting Tutorial - PandL

Final Results - Painting Tutorial - PandL

That’s it! Easy, right? Simple and cute I hope you have enjoyed this painting tutorial!

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