Featured Artist: Claudia Grasso from Tiny Ladybug Designs

Our Featured Artist is Claudia Grasso from Tiny Ladybug Designs. Get to know her awesome creations and learn how you can get featured too!

This section called Featured Artist is a place where we give YOU the spotlight and showcase your artistic creations. We believe that artists should always help each other out and that’s why we want to promote other artists and boost their business. Any type of art is welcome here.

This time, we chose our Featured Artist from our personal Etsy favorites. Her name is Claudia Grasso. Check her out!

Featured Artist: Claudia Grasso

Claudia Grasso, from Reunion, Florida, is the artist behind the shop called Tiny Ladybug Designs. She designs and creates adorable handmade polymer clay jewelry and accessories that would make anyone smile.

Featured Artist - Claudia Grasso
Credit: Tiny Ladybug Designs by Claudia Grasso

As stated on her Etsy shop, “She fell in love with polymer clay not too long ago, but she knew that her artistic and creative personality would take her to a bigger project. That is how Tiny Ladybug Designs was founded on December 1st, 2015, so that she could share all her tiny designs with everyone, to show the dedication and passion she puts into every single design.”

Featured Artist - Claudia Grasso
Credit: Tiny Ladybug Designs by Claudia Grasso

Her creations are so cute ♥ But, beware, they might make you hungry!

Featured Artist - Claudia Grasso
Credit: Tiny Ladybug Designs by Claudia Grasso

Where to find this artist

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