Featured Artist: Get your art noticed!

Get your art noticed! Our new section called Featured Artist will give you the opportunity to showcase any type of artwork that you create, and get in the spotlight! Check out how you can be part of our Featured Artist section:

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Why we want you to be a Featured Artist



We believe that art moves the world. We learn, grow, and get inspired by it. Art goes right to the heart, and it has the power to unite people no matter their nationality, age, or gender. It is a form of expression that knows no limitations, since it travels through time and crosses any type of barriers around the world. We hope that our Featured Artist section contributes to the arts’ endeavor in inspiring others, provoking deep thoughts, and filling them with positive emotions.

Furthermore, we want you to succeed as an artist! And being noticed is a big step towards success. We want other people to consider hiring your services, buying your creations, or at least simply notice and follow your work.

What type of art can get featured?


Any type of art! For example: Photography, Paintings, Drawings, Digital Illustrations, Sculpture, Mosaics, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Craft-making, Origami, Crochet, Knitting, Cosplaying, Makeup, Body-painting, Graffiti, Jewelry Confection, Pottery, Culinary Arts, Singing, Playing an instrument, Dancing,  Poetry, Filmmaking, Story-telling, etc. It can be pretty much anything that YOU create, and that you consider an art form because you have deep passion for it, and it sparks your creativity and imagination.

[However, please be cautious with what you decide to share. If we believe it is inappropriate for our blog, it will not be featured.]

How can you become our Featured Artist?

Pottery - Featured Artist

We will be choosing our featured artists biweekly from Instagram. The following requirements must be met:

1.Give us some love by following us on Instagram!

2.Use the hashtag #PANDLartist on three to five pictures that demonstrate your art. The more creative and unique the better! [These pictures might be reposted by us on Instagram, and posted on our blog.]

3.If you are selected as a candidate for our next Featured Artist, you will receive a Direct Message from us on Instagram, asking you to provide your full name [or pseudonym if you prefer], your age, and a short description of what your art is and why you create it. And anything else you want to share! [We might ask for more pictures if necessary!] This information is very important, so others can get to know the creative mind behind your art, and connect with you

How will your work be featured?


After we have received your reply and have chosen you to be a Featured Artist, we will create a post with your pictures and information on our blog, which will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, you will have your very own sidebar feature, which will be visible on our blog at all times until the next Featured Artist is chosen.

We are anxious to see your art! Be sure to follow all the steps and you could be our first Featured Artist this month!

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