FREE Easy Sharpening Photoshop Action

Make the details in your photos look sharp with just one “click“! Download the FREE Photoshop Action below.

Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - featured image

Although a great camera or lens can be key for sharp photographs, sometimes we just need a little bit of help. That’s when the “Easy Sharpening” Photoshop Action comes in!

Easy Sharpening Photoshop Action

Here are some examples that will help you understand what this Photoshop Action is all about:


Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - Leaf 1


Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - Leaf 2

Can you notice how the lines look way more crisp instead of soft and blurred? Let’s see another example.


Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - Bunny 1


Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - Bunny 2

Look at how detailed the hair looks in this super cute bunny picture. Having a sharp photograph definitely makes it pop out, specially in macro photography.

Here is a side by side example to make it easier to compare:

Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - Before & After

Even though the sharpening effect is subtle, the photographs still show a noticeable improvement.

On the other hand, an “over-sharpened” picture can look forced and fake. This is why this action is a great way to avoid that, because it is a subtle effect.

However, if you find that it is still too much, or in some cases maybe it’s not enough, you can modify how sharp do you want your picture by adjusting the opacity of the layer, or by changing the blending mode.

But wait… What are Photoshop Actions again?

Photoshop Actions are perfect for beginners, because they will make your work so much easier. Actions are recorded tasks, adjustments, or settings, that you can replay automatically as many times as you like. This will help you save time and effort. You can either create your own actions, or you can load or import actions created by others into your project.

How to Load Actions

  1. After downloading the Photoshop Action that you want to load, open your Adobe Photoshop program and go to your Actions panel. If you can’t see it, go to Window > Actions.
  2. Open the Actions menu and click ‘Load Actions‘.Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action 2
  3. Find the .atn file that you downloaded, and click ‘Load‘.

Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action 3

  1. Click on the Action Set folder to open it, and then click on the Action. Press ‘Play‘.

Dreamy Creamy – Free Photoshop Action 4

That’s all there is to it!

Easy Sharpening – Free Download

Free Easy Sharpening PS Action - DownloadClick here to download

Enjoy your “Easy Sharpening” Photoshop Action!


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