Fun Ways To Use Accent Colors In Your House

Your house colors don’t have to be plain and boring.. They also don’t have to be all loud and bright! Finding fun ways to use accent colors can help give balance to your house’s colors and decorations.

Accent Colors - Paper and Landscapes
There are no rules of how to use colors in your house. Well, actually, there are rules. But you don’t HAVE to follow them! The colors in your house will reflect your personality and style, so if you want to make it serious and professional, you can choose colors according to that. But if you prefer it to be more modern and fun, there are also ways that you can make people feel that way when they enter your home using the right accent colors.

Some Ideas with Accent Colors

These are my opinions, which are not actually professional, as I haven’t studied interior design.. but they are great ideas I have found as to how to use accent colors to make your home decor a bit more unique and fun.

Pasquella Living Room[Photo by The CousinsMore transitional living room ideas]

I love how they used yellow to complement all the gray and brown in this living room. You can see it in just a few places, the pillows, the rug, the flowers.. but it makes it look so much happier than if it was all gray.

City Living on the Hudson

A touch of this beautiful blue gives life to this dining area and kitchen. Painting just one wall with your accent color will make the eyes go directly to it.

Lavender Cottage - Craft Room

This cute craft room is made more special by the look of the wood color on the desk, and the bright color of the sewing machine gives it such a fun touch of color.

Retro Beach House in Alys Beach, Florida

Neutral colors make your accent colors stand out so beautifully. In this small bedroom the yellow goes perfect.

East Denver Residence

Here’s an example of some darker colors on the walls, but still made fun and unique with the bright tangerine and the turquoise of the stools.

Kentfield Residence - Simple Fun

Doesn’t this cheerful color look beautiful with the pale hue of the tiles?

My Houzz: Eunice

Here’s a more subtle example. They used a pale teal color only on the inside parts of the shelves. It still looks serious and calm, but with this touch of color it makes it really unique.


With a little bit of paint, they gave life to the walls in this small bathroom. And the curtains match perfectly.

Modern | Chic

If your house or room or whatever part of the house you want to make pretty has a lot of different colors going around, consider making it more neutral and calm, and then adding color with just a few things. This way it will look so much better coordinated and easier to look at.


These are just some ideas that I really liked and wanted to share with you. Of course, there are other styles that use several different colors and they can look beautiful if they are well combined. Just find the style that you like and have fun with it. Make it go with your personality and you will be happy living in it.

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Accent Colors - Paper and Landscapes

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