Happy & Positive – Free Wallpapers for your Smartphone

Need some free wallpapers for your smartphone? Look no more! These happy and positive wallpapers will brighten your day each time you see them.

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I got a new smartphone a few months ago, because my old one died. However, I still haven’t found a wallpaper that I really like, so I decided to make some for myself, and I want to share them with you!

Since we look at our cellphones several times everyday, I think it’s a great idea to have a wallpaper that reminds you to stay happy and positive throughout the day. Check them out!

Free Wallpapers for you!

[To download our free wallpapers just click on the image to open the full size on a new tab, right click on it and save it to your phone.]


My sister made this paper sunflower, and there’s always something about sunflowers that always make me feel happy I hope looking at it makes you smile too! ♥

smile-paper-and-landscapes-free-wallpapersClick image to download!

Grow through adversity

I saw this cute little plant growing through the concrete, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired by it somehow. To me, it symbolizes that life always finds away, and even when something seems difficult or impossible, there’s still hope if you are willing to keep trying.

grow-through-adversity-paper-and-landscapes-free-wallpapersClick image to download!

Be true to yourself

These are my babies! I can’t help wanting every cactus and succulent I see. I hope one day I’ll have a huge collection! Each one is unique and beautiful, and they remind me that what some people see as imperfections, others see as virtues. The important thing is to be who you truly are, without thinking about anyone else’s opinion, because YOU are awesome! ♥

be-true-to-yourself-paper-and-landscapes-free-wallpapersClick image to download!

Aren’t these free wallpapers super cute? I really liked them, and I hope you can enjoy them too!

(Please don’t sell or copy the wallpaper designs to another page or blog. You are of course welcome to download them or print them as you want, and to link to this page in case you want to share them.)

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