How To Find The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. If you are anything like me, you cannot settle for just any gift, especially if it’s for an important person in your life. So here are a few suggestions that could make the hunt for the perfect gift a success!

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The hunt for the Perfect Gift

Wanting to surprise someone with an amazing and thoughtful gift can be a lot of pressure. You go out and look at every store in the mall, and you just can’t decide because nothing seems like the perfect gift. Well, I think we’ve all gone through that at least once. But I’ve come to realize that the following suggestions really help:

Set a budget

When you set a budget, you are already ruling out anything that does not fit in. You are also giving yourself a reasonable limit, so you don’t feel like you have to spend a lot to find the perfect gift. If you are willing to spend any amount of money, that’s okay too. But then you’ll just have too many options, and it will be really hard to decide.

Give yourself enough time

I’ve been there. Last minute gift hunt. The pressure is horrible. You end up getting something you don’t feel happy or excited with. Don’t do that. If you know an important occasion is coming up, don’t leave it to the last minute. At least start brainstorming ideas, so when you go out to buy the gift (or make the gift if you are into DIY!) you have some guidelines and not just getting (or making) anything that’s possible in the short time you have.

Also, giving yourself enough time allows for other options, like online shopping. The last time I ordered something online for a gift, it had an estimated delivery of one or two weeks. It ended up arriving a month later. Don’t buy online unless you are sure it has enough time to arrive.

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Find out what they like

This is kind of obvious, isn’t it? Sure, you could just ask the person what they want, but that just kind of ruins the excitement, at least to me. Therefore, you have to find out what they like using other techniques. I find that social media is very helpful to discover what the perfect gift might be. It makes me feel like a detective, snooping around on their online profiles, but it actually does help.

Very often I find great ideas on the person’s Pinterest boards. In fact, some of them have a Wishlist board! Which is even better. I have a secret Wishlist board on Pinterest that I share with my boyfriend, and he does too, just to make it easier on some occasions.

However, if they are not that obvious, you could just look for hints on their Facebook timeline, or their Instagram. They might have shared a picture of the thing they want, or you might just find a recurrent theme. For example, maybe the person shares a lot of posts that have to do with cats, or with a specific movie, or a comicbook character, or baking recipes, etc. Get (or make) a gift that has something to do with what they spend most of their time sharing posts about.

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What’s the occasion?

This might not be as important to some people, but I do think it is. Let me explain. If I’m getting my boyfriend a gift for our anniversary, I try to choose (or make) a gift that has something to do with love and our relationship. If I’m getting him a gift just because I feel like it, I choose something that has to do with videogames, or comicbooks. Other times I might get him a gift just because I know he needs it, like a new cologne. So what I’m trying to say is, make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion. Don’t go getting your girlfriend a pair of socks for your fifth year anniversary. Unless socks are her favorite thing in the world. Then it would be ok You get the idea.

Wrap it up

I’m a sucker for a nicely wrapped gift. I mean, the gift itself can be great on its own, but seeing the gift wrapping or a beautiful gift bag just makes me light up. If you want to make your perfect gift even more perfect, put some thought into the presentation. Here are some great and easy ideas for gift wrapping and gift bags to make it look pretty.

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The perfect final touch

Make it personal. Get a card, or at least a gift tag, write a short and sweet message, and sign it. That just makes any gift better. It means you went all out for that person because you really care.

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We’ll make it even easier for you; just print out these free printable gift tags and you’re done!

I know you’ll find the perfect gift with these suggestions Need more ideas? Click here!

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