How To Love Mornings – Tips and Ideas

If you’re having trouble waking up early, or tend to waste a lot of time getting out of the bed and ready to work, these tips and ideas might help you get to love mornings like I do!

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

When you work from home, or have a flexible schedule that makes your mornings free, it becomes very easy to stay in bed longer. Maybe you are on school vacations and want to make the most of your free time. No matter what your situation is, you can learn to love mornings and make them as fun and productive as you want them to be.

Every person has different circumstances and different personalities; these are just some tips and ideas that have helped me love mornings and make the most of them.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

1: Preparing for your morning

Your morning will be a lot easier if you prepare for it the night before. Depending of what you have planned for the next day, you can do some things before going to bed, that will actually make your morning go smoother and more relaxed.

♥ Do some light cleaning or quick pick up before going to bed to wake up to an organized house.

♥ Write some tasks and things you need to do the next day. This way you can stop thinking about them on bed trying to sleep, because you know you’ll remember them in the morning. You can also set some goals and plan to work on them a little each day.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

2: Waking up early

If you went to bed early, it’s a lot more probable that you will wake up early too. For some people this is a really difficult thing, but it’s a good idea if you actually do want to make your mornings better. If you didn’t sleep enough, you’ll end up feeling groggy and won’t be very productive.

♥ Figure out how much you want to sleep and go to bed at a reasonable hour to achieve it.

♥ Use a soothing alarm sound so you don’t wake up startled and angry.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

3: Do something fun

This is one of the ideas that have helped me love mornings even more. Find something that you enjoy doing and try to do it early in the morning. This will make you actually want to wake up because you know you’ll get to do something that makes you happy.

♥ You can choose to watch one episode (just 1!!) of your favorite show, read some pages of your favorite book, watch some pretty photos on Instagram or Pinterest, etc. Just make sure you choose something that won’t take you too much time, but that is something you look forward to.

♥ You could also decide on something you can do while accomplishing another task, for example, listen to some relaxing music while making your bed, or dance around the house while you clean it up!

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

4: Routines that are good for you

There are several routines you can do to feel better, motivated, and more awake in the mornings. Find and establish for yourself some good routines that will make your mornings more organized and easy to figure out.

♥ It’s a good and healthy habit to drink water when you wake up, so it’s a great idea to incorporate this into your morning routine.

♥ Add to your routine some light exercises or stretching, dancing, or walking, to feel more energized in the morning.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

5: Have a good breakfast

A good breakfast is so important to feel strong and awake in the morning. It’s something I can’t live without. I’m not a fan of making a complete and giant breakfast but I always try to eat something healthy and not too sugary.

♥ Have some easy breakfast recipe ideas on hand so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking of what to make and how to make it. (Here are some free printable recipe cards!)

♥ You can also (depending on the recipe) make your breakfast the night before, and just warm it up in the morning saving you time and effort.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

6: Get some sunlight

Getting sunlight in the morning can make you feel fresh and revived. If you stay in a dark room, it will be harder for your body to feel awake and energetic.

Taking a walk outside has a lot of benefits for your body and mind.

♥ If you have to or want to stay inside, try opening all your curtains and let the light in!

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

7: Write your tasks

As I mentioned in the first point, writing your tasks for the day can help you relax, as you don’t have to keep every little thing in mind hoping you won’t forget it. It also helps you get organized and prioritize your chores, which is a great help in those days that we feel overwhelmed with things to do.

♥ Get a cute notebook and just write every little thing that you need to do. I like writing even the easy things like making my bed, because I can check them off fast, and feel like I am already being productive! This makes the other tasks seem more achievable. Here are some printables that might help you get organized!

♥ You could also use a productivity app if you prefer having a digital list.

How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes


All of these are very simple ideas, but they are things that have actually helped me to love mornings and make them work for me. Since I started doing them, I am now eager to get out of bed, start my day, and make it productive. The result is a happier day and getting things done.

Have a happy morning!

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How To Love Mornings - Paper and Landscapes

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