Kitchen Conversion Chart – Free Printable

This really helpful conversion chart will be great to have in your kitchen! Keep it handy for reference and you won’t have to struggle looking for the right measurement in your baking.

Kitchen Conversion Chart

When you want to alter a recipe, or maybe you just want to make half or a third of a recipe, it can be hard to find the right measurements and conversions. And getting it wrong can cause a real mess! That’s why I decided to make this printable conversion chart, so that I can look at it any time I need to figure out the right amount of one of the ingredients.

I’m going to tape it on the back of one of the upper cabinet doors, that way I have it accessible any time I need it. You could also frame it and attach it to your kitchen wall to serve also as decoration! Or, if you have a recipe book or binder, you can print it on your preferred size and add it to the binder to use it any time you want to make a recipe.

Kitchen Conversion Chart

Free Printable

The free printable kitchen conversion chart is made on a 8.5 inches x 11 inches letter sized paper. If you need it a different size you can adjust it in your image editor and make it just like you want it.

Here it is!

Kitchen Conversion Chart
Click on this image to open it in a new tab and save it to your computer.

Just click on the image and it will open full size on a new tab. This way you can right click on it and save it to your computer (or phone!).


Do you think this chart will be helpful for you? Feel free to comment and share your opinion!

[Note: Please remember, our printables are for personal use only, not to be resold or used for commercial purposes. Thank you!]

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Kitchen Conversion Chart

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