Let’s Just Get Moving!

Let’s just get moving! It’s not easy for everybody to go to the gym every day or even every week. Even working out at home can be difficult some times, as we tend to make excuses. What options do we have?

Lets Just Get Moving - Paper and Landscapes

If you’re someone that is not used to working out every day, maybe someone that spends a lot of time sitting down at work, or playing games, blogging, or just watching TV, maybe these few tips can help you at least get moving and be a little more active each day.

These are just a few of many possible ideas!


Take a moment of your day, (the morning is great for this!) and put some happy music and get moving! Move your whole body, your arms, your legs, to the rhythm, and dance like no one is watching. If you do this in the morning, it will help you increase your energy, and put you in a better mood to start your day.

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(Here is a happy playlist from 8tracks.com called “Dancing around your room”.)


Stretching improves your circulation, which can help you protect against illnesses. It also helps to relax and let go of anger! The best thing is it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you can do it anywhere you are, you just have to get moving! You can search for stretching routines online or use a workout app.

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There are SO many benefits of taking regular walks. We wrote a whole post about it, you can read it here: 5 Benefits of Walking Regularly + Tips!. Take a morning walk, or an afternoon walk around your neighborhood, on a park, or even inside your own house. This will help your health, your energy, and your mood!

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Short Workouts

If you are not used to working out every day, or you don’t have the time or energy for long work outs, this may be for you. I use an app called Sworkit, but you can choose any other that you like. It lets you choose from a variety of routines, and you can pick the one you find best for you at the moment. You choose the time; even in 5 minutes you can do a nice workout that will make you feel more active and energized. There are also apps for the Seven Minute Workout that are said to “provide the maximum benefit of working out regularly in the shortest time possible.”

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So why don’t we try it this week? Make this easy for yourself: set reminders, get your workout shoes or clothes ready the night before, download a workout routines app, get someone to work out with you so that you help each other, anything to get you moving! Your body will thank you.

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Lets Just Get Moving - Paper and Landscapes

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