Make and Decorate a Cute Makeup Brush Holder

If you have an empty container lying around, you can make your own makeup brush holder and decorate it to make it look super cute in your makeup area. Here are some ideas!

Make & Decorate a Cute Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup Brush Holder Materials

Materials - Makeup Brush Holder

Empty container

I used a Bruschetta Sauce container, because that’s the only container I could find in my own house that would be big enough to fit makeup brushes.

Any empty container that is the right size for your makeup brushes will do. You won’t be needing the lid, so you can just take it off.

I recommend using it for your most frequently used makeup brushes only. Don’t try to fit twenty brushes at a time; that will definitely not look pretty at all.

If you choose a clear container and, like mine, it has labels that leave sticky residues when you remove them, you can use a solvent like Goo Gone to clean it all up. After using Goo Gone, my container looked like new. I swear that thing must be magic!


Of course, you need decorations to make it pretty! I used different things for my makeup brush holder. For example, fabric, burlap, lace, rope, and chalkboard tape. You could also use felt, scrapbook paper, ribbons, etc.

Stones (optional)

I used decorative stones, or vase fillers. There are a few good reasons to do this. First of all, if your container is clear, it will look sort of empty even with the makeup brushes inside. Secondly, the stones will give your makeup brush holder more stability, preventing it from falling easily. And last but not least, it will give your makeup brushes more height so they are easier to grab. If you choose to do so, you can use any kind of pretty decorative stones or vase fillers like these ones, or these ones.

That’s all you need!

The next step is just to use your creativity to beautify your makeup brush holder and decorate it with the materials you have. Here are some ideas that I created with the materials I already had, incorporating them in different ways.

Decoration Tips & Ideas

Rustic Burlap

Rustic Burlap - Makeup Brush HolderAlways cover the top of the container where you screw on the lid, so it does not look like a reused container. If you removed the labels and have sticky residues that you can’t get off, this idea will easily cover it all up. Adding the lace bow to the burlap just gives it a delicate touch.

Fun Chalkboard

Fun Chalkboard - Makeup Brush Holder

This is a fun idea that you can keep on customizing over and over by just drawing a new design or writing different phrases with chalk. I used two strips of chalkboard tape, since it is so easy to use. However, you could also use chalkboard paint.

Floral Fabric

Floral Fabric - Makeup Brush Holder

I think this is my favorite. I used a floral fabric to cover the entire container. This is another idea that makes it easy to hide labels. I still used the rope because I loved how it matched with the fabric, and I added a very simple braid in the front. I absolutely love how delicate it looks.

Bare Rope

Rope Bare - Makeup Brush Holder

Nice and simple. This idea requires a container with no labels or residues, so even though it looks simple, maybe you’ll spend a little bit more time on getting everything off. Also, if you are gonna have an almost bare container, I suggest you do use the decorative stones or vase fillers. Otherwise it will look way too empty.

Any of these easy and simple decorations for your DIY makeup brush holder will look great on your makeup area. Plus, you’ll have your makeup brushes handy at all times!

If you decide to try this, show us! comment below with a picture of your own makeup brush holder.

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