Last week we made some very pretty mini pallets to use for decoration. This week we are making these equally cute mini crates made out of the same skinny sticks!

Mini Crates Decor - Paper and Landscapes

This easy tutorial will show you how to make your own mini crates to decorate your desk, shelves, or even for a dollhouse.

Materials Needed:
Mini Crates - Materials - Paper and Landscapes

Skinny Sticks (These ones are flat. I bought them at Walmart)
Mini Wooden Sticks (These ones are squared. I also bought them at Walmart)
Strong Glue (I used Magna Tac 809, but you can also use hot glue)
Scissors (Or something that works better to cut the sticks!)
A ruler and a pencil (To mark where to cut them)

How to make the Mini Crates

Mini Crate Decor Tutorial 1 - Paper and Landscapes

1: I used these “skinny sticks” and “mini wooden sticks” because that’s what I had in my house. You can use other kinds of sticks on different sizes, but these instructions and measurements are based on this specific sticks.

2: You will need 13 flat sticks measuring 6.5cm long. I cut them with scissors, but if you find it easier to cut them with something else, then go ahead and use that. (I will call these the “long sticks” in this tutorial.)

3: You will also need 8 flat sticks cut to about 4.25cm long. (These measurements don’t have to be very exact, just make sure that all of them are the same size. Same with the rest of the sticks.) (I will call these the “short sticks” in this tutorial.)

4: Cut 4 square sticks to about 3.25cm long. (If you don’t have this kind of sticks, you can use the same flat ones, it will just look a bit different, but still very nice!) (I will call these the “square sticks” in this tutorial.)Mini Crate Decor Tutorial 2 - Paper and Landscapes

5: Lay down 5 long sticks, leaving some space between each one. This will form the bottom or base of the create.

6: Glue 2 short sticks, one on each short side of the base.

7: Glue 2 long sticks to each of the long sides of the base. These will be glued to the short sticks, not to the base.

8: Now it’s time to place the 4 square sticks on each corner. Make sure to glue them to the bottom and to the side sticks so that they are stable.

Mini Crate Decor Tutorial 3 - Paper and Landscapes

9: I decided then to glue the top sticks, to make it easier later to figure out the spacing between each stick. So glue the short sticks first to the top of the square sticks. (When you glue these, hold them for a while so that they stay in place when the glue dries.)

10: Now glue the long sticks to the long sides of the crate, touching both the square sticks and the corners of the short sticks. (Hold them in place while the glue dries!)

11: Keep doing the same for the rest of the short sticks, and then the long sticks.

12: Your mini crate is finished!

Mini Crate in Hand - Paper and Landscapes

Look how cute and small it is! Don’t worry if your glue gets messy, or if your sticks are not perfectly aligned, just have fun with it! You can paint it if you want, which is what I’m planning to do later on.

Mini Crate with Washi Tape - Paper and Landscapes

For now, mine will hold my skinny washi tapes together! I will soon be posting more pictures on Instagram of my finished mini crates decorating my desk, so remember to follow us! @paper.and.landscapes

Mini Pallets Decor - Paper and Landscapes - Embellishments

Click here to see the tutorial for the mini pallets decor.

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Mini Crates Decor - Paper and Landscapes

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