My Happy Life Photo Project: Display Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to display your photos for the My Happy Life Photo Project? Here are a few good ones!

My Happy Life - Display Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

Whether you are working along with us on this project, or you just want some ideas on how to display your photos, you will love these options that we have found!

What is “My Happy Life” Photo Project?

♥ This project is all about creating a photo album or display that represents your life; the things you like, the people you love, the places you enjoy being in, and other things that define in pictures who you are at this moment in time. ♥

If you want to read more about it and how to start, go to this post, where you can get all the information you need to work on this project. There’s also a free printable that you can add to your planner or pin board!

We also wrote about ideas on how to print your photos in this post. So if you are still not sure of how you are going to print all of your pretty pictures for the project, check that out. 🙂

Is there a deadline?

You can start and finish it at your own time. But if you want to do this along with us, and need a deadline to make it a goal, we chose April 18, 2017. That day we’re making a post with our own Photo Projects all finished and ready so you can see them. We would LOVE to see your projects too!

Ideas on how to display your photos

  • Photo Book or Scrapbook

You can create a photo album specific for this project, either with a bought album or with a photo binder and holders. To make it simpler, you could use a pretty notebook and glue your pictures on the pages, or attach them with some washi tape. Your planner is another option if you use one that you can add pages to, or a bullet journal.

Your pictures could be added to any scrapbook that you have! Maybe you’re stuck thinking of how to continue your scrapbook that only has a few pages by now. This project could help you complete it! Or you can create a whole new scrapbook just for it, adding each picture and some notes or memories about them.

  • Walls

Framing the pictures will make them look so neat and finished! But if that’s too much work, taping them to your walls is also a great idea. You could glue them to plywood to make them stand out, hang them on clips for a more rustic look, or attach them to the wall forming a shape to make them the center of attention in any room.

  • Table

I really like the idea of printing all of my photos and putting them in a bowl on my coffee table. There’s something that I find very calming about taking printed photos in my hands and looking at each one separately. Plus, it would make a great conversation starter for anyone that comes to visit! You could also put them inside of a nice box, if you want them a bit more private.

About the phrases in each category…

You can write on each photo the specific phrases or categories, so that others can see what they are about, or you can leave them blank so you can tell the story yourself.

It’s your decision if you want to make this project into a collection that represents your life at this moment in time, or if you want to make it a display of pretty pictures of things that you like.


Remember that this is YOUR project, so you do it any way that you like best. If you are better working with an album, scrapbook, or notebook, go with that! But if you prefer to have your photos displayed on your walls for every one to see, then great! There are so many options and ideas, that you have a lot to choose from.

We often take a million pictures and store them on our phones, or share them on social media. But having them printed and holding them in our hands, it’s a feeling that we don’t want to forget or let it die in the past.

Make this project your own and just have fun with it. 🙂

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My Happy Life - Display Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

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