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Get your camera or smartphone ready!! Let’s get started with our new “My Happy Life” Photo Project!

My Happy Life Photo Project - Paper and Landscapes - FI

Last year we made our Weekly Photo Challenge, in which we had a new word every first day of the week and took a photo with that theme in mind. That challenge helped us keep our minds focused in something artistic throughout the whole year. (Although that challenge ended, if you would still like to do it, go to this post to read about it!)

This year we have some fun things planned for you as well. We’re starting with our “My Happy Life” Photo Project!

What is “My Happy Life” Photo Project?

♥ This project is all about creating a photo album or scrapbook that represents your life; the things you like, the people you love, the places you enjoy being in, and other things that define in pictures who you are at this moment in time. ♥

It’s actually very simple! We provide a list of 25 things for you (and us!) to take pictures of, (for example: “Someone I admire”, “What I love to read”, or “A sweet moment”, etc). You try and take a picture for each of these phrases, pictures that say something about you, that represent you, that talk about who you are. You then print those 25 pictures and create a very special album, scrapbook, journal, wall art, or whatever you want to use!

Each month we will be writing a post about this project. Next month (February), we will be talking about ideas on how to print your photos. Then two months from now (March), we will make a post with many creative and inspiring ideas on how to display your pictures in different ways!

My Happy Life - Paper and Landscapes - Phone Picture

Keep this is mind

Our “My Happy Life” photo project is just for fun! You don’t have to worry about taking very perfect and professional photos; you can make it any way that you like it. It also isn’t a competition, so don’t compare yourself to others: remember that this is about YOUR happy life, and each life is different and unique, and so will be your project. We (Rose and Cora) will each be doing this project too, along with any of you who wants to do it!

Is there a deadline?

As with our past projects, you can start and finish it at your own time. But if you want to do this along with us, and need a deadline to make it a goal, we chose April 18, 2017. Along these 3 months, we will continue giving you tips and ideas so that by that date, we will have taken all of our pictures, printed them, and created our album or whatever we want to use to display them!

This project is for you if…

♥ … you’re someone that takes A LOT of pictures with your phone, but then they stay there in storage forever and you don’t ever see them again!

♥ … you take many selfies and food pictures, but would like to make your gallery more interesting and varied.

♥ … you would like to create a photo album or scrapbook but you don’t have any good ideas on how to start.

♥ … you just want to create something artistic this year!

How do we start?!

These are the 25 pictures that we will be taking for this project. We divided them into 5 categories.


  • Self portrait
  • What I love to do
  • I am like…
  • What I want
  • This is why I’m happy


  • My favorite person
  • My best friends
  • My pet
  • This is my family
  • Someone I admire


  • Where I love to be
  • What surrounds me
  • Where I live
  • Where I work
  • Where my feet take me


  • What I love to eat
  • A wonderful thing
  • What I love to read
  • What I wear
  • My favorite something


  • A sweet moment
  • Having fun
  • I want to do this again
  • The day that I…
  • A beautiful memory

My Happy Life Photo Project - Paper and Landscapes - Words


There it is! Next step: Get your camera or smartphone ready and let’s take these 25 pictures! And stay around, because in February we will be giving you tips and ideas to print them.

Click here for a free printable version that you can add to your planner! The size of the printable is 8.5 x 5.5 (half of a letter sized paper), but you can print it in other sizes using your photo editor or printer settings.


Remember that you can give your own personal touch to the pictures! You don’t have to be very strict or think too much about it. For example: “My best friends” could be a picture of your books if you’re someone that loves to read all the time! Or “I am like…” could be a picture of a tree, because you feel tall and strong! Make this project your own and just have fun with it. 🙂

Click this image to repin it on Pinterest, so that others can join in the project!
My Happy Life Photo Project - Paper and Landscapes - PIN


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