If you have or are planning to get a new planner, here are some free printable inserts for you! They are perfect for a personal sized planner.

New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

I’ve been wanting a new planner for some time, but I hadn’t decided which one would be best for me yet. I tried a few options, including the bullet journal. I really loved the idea of the bullet journal as it is a very simple version of a planner that you can make yourself, and not have to worry so much about having it all in a specific order or a specific amount of space.

What I didn’t like about a bullet journal was that it’s usually made in a notebook, and I just NEED to have the ability of changing the pages’ order and removing and inserting pages wherever I want, or else I go crazy!

My New Planner

So I decided to buy a new pretty planner binder where I could insert any kind of pages I want. I bought the personal size from Blitsy with a coupon, and it arrived so fast! It looks so cute, it’s a good quality, and the mint color is gorgeous, my absolute favorite. You can also get it on Amazon in a kit, or the binder alone.

Mint Planner - New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

I quickly made some inserts to go in my planner binder so I could start using it right away. I made some inserts with just the dots like the bullet journal, and it’s great because you get the simplicity of a bullet journal planner, but also the better organization of a binder planner. Does that make sense?

I also made some weekly calendar inserts that spread on two pages, in case I wanted to use it as a regular planner too.

New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

Each insert is about 3.5 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall, which I’m not really sure if they are the correct sizes for a personal sized planner, but well, they go perfect with mine, so I hope you can use them for yours too!

I haven’t made this kind of printables before, but I tried my best to make them easy for you to print and use. They are centered in a 8.5″ x 11″ page, so you can print them in your regular printer paper and then cut them down through the lines.

New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

I made some pocket dividers with some scrapbook paper and tape, to make it all prettier and add some color to it.

I love my new planner! It’s very simple but still cute. I’m still working on personalizing the bullet journal system into what’s best for my needs, so when I have it all together I will make another post about it to show you.

Your Free Printables

Here are the free printables: (Click on each image to open it in another tab and save it to your computer.) Have fun!

Printable Dots Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

Printable Weekly Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

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New Planner and Free Inserts - Paper and Landscapes

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