November Beauty Favorites

November is coming to an end, so here are my beauty favorites for this month!


I love November. It always brings so many good things ♥ And this year, some of those good things have been good beauty products!

Our Beauty Favorites section is all about trying different products and showing you what I’ve loved and why. Some are brand new products on the market, some are products that have been around a while but I had never tried them before, and some are just products that I have bought more than once because I’ve loved them so much.

Always remember that every person is different. Everyone has a different skin type, or hair texture, or just different taste! Be sure to do your own research for each product, so you can get what’s right for you.

*Please note, Paper and Landscapes is not sponsored by any brand and is not paid in any way for our product reviews! However, we have added our Amazon Affiliate links along with each product’s official page.

Beauty Favorites: November

1. Simple Foaming Cleanser


The Simple Foaming Cleanser claims to eliminate impurities, clear pores, and remove makeup and excess oil. And it does just that. For me, there is an instantly notable difference in my skin after I’ve used this Foaming Cleanser. My skin feels smoother, and my pores are less visible.

Another great thing about this product is that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, artificial perfume, dyes, or parabens. However, to be completely honest, it does feel like it dries up my skin a little bit. It’s no problem, since I make sure to hydrate and moisturize my skin after I’ve used it. But like I mentioned before, every person is different. If your skin tends to be oily, this might be the perfect product for you.

I got this product as a gift from my sister ♥ But you can find it on Walmart’s official website for about $6.

Or you can get it on Amazon.

2. Wet N Wild One Step Wonder Gel


This nail polish is AWESOME. This is my favorite nail polish. I only have one color, but it’s the best color ever! Sorry, I get excited.

The color is have is called Stay Classy. It is a nude, “mauvy” pink, and it goes great with anything. But the nail polish itself is so good. It has a flat brush, perfect for applying the nail polish evenly. The gel formula is thick enough to go on solid, not streaky at all, and it doesn’t take too long to dry. No UV light needed. After applying, it can stay intact for a few days even without adding a top coat.


You can get the One Step Wonder Gel on Wet N Wild’s official website for about $5.

Or you can get it on Amazon.

3. Elf Makeup Remover Pen


Elf’s Makeup Remover Pen is such a handy tool. It’s actually been part of my beauty favorites for quite a while now. It is specially helpful for those of us whose cat-eyes are not always perfect. Mascara smears don’t have to be tragic if you have this tool. It is very helpful for erasing smudges without ruining the rest of your makeup.

I bought the Makeup Remover Pen at Kmart, but you can also get it from Elf’s official website for $3.

Or you can get a 3-pack on Amazon.

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


If you like matte finish lipsticks but hate the dry feeling of most matte liquid lipsticks, this one’s for you. This lip cream has a matte finish, but it feels so soft! There are a bunch of cute shades, but the one is use the most is Abu Dhabi (pictured above). It’s a very natural deep rose beige, and it is perfect for a “no-makeup” makeup.

Plus, these lip creams smell so good! They have a very sweet scent. They are also very easy to apply, which I love because I usually apply my lipstick in a hurry before leaving the house. Being honest, the one thing I dislike is that they aren’t as long lasting as other liquid lipsticks, but I really don’t mind reapplying.

I got my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams at Walgreens for about $6, but you can also get them on NYX’s official website. (Although, sadly, they are frequently out of stock).

Or you can get them on Amazon.

5. Hey Honey Good Morning Facial Serum


I got this sample on my latest Ipsy Glam Bag. It is a moisturizing facial serum that claims to replenish and protect the skin. I gotta say, when I read “honey” on the label, I expected something very oily or even sticky, but it’s not at all! Actually, it feels very smooth on the skin when you apply it and it dries quickly, so you don’t even feel it after.


It’s also meant to be an under makeup primer. I really like being able to use it in any moment of the day or night to moisturize my skin. The only downside I see to it is that it’s just a sample!

The full sized product can be found on Hey Honey’s official website, or on Ulta’s website, and it costs $41.

That’s it for this month’s beauty favorites! We’ll see what the next month brings…

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