October Beauty Favorites

October is over! Here are my beauty favorites for this month ♥


I’m back with my beauty favorites! Like I mentioned before, I’m trying out this new section on our blog where I pick a few products that I’ve tried and loved during the month. Some are brand new products on the market, and some are products that have been around a while but I had never tried them before.

Along with each product I’ll tell you a little bit about why I love it, and where you can find it if you’re interested. However, always keep in mind that every person is different and just because a product worked for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work for you.

I tried some hair and nail products this month, but I want this section to be only about beauty products that I absolutely loved, and since they weren’t all that great I didn’t add them to this list. However, I did love some makeup products, so without further ado, here are my picks!

*Please note, Paper and Landscapes is not sponsored by any brand and is not paid in any way for our product reviews! However, we have added our Amazon Affiliate links along with each product’s official page.

Beauty Favorites : October

1. INSPR Duo Brow Powder


I am falling deeply in love with this product… Ok, maybe that’s too much! But seriously, it is a great product for brows. The INSPR Duo Brow Powder is a lightweight, sheer to medium coverage, two-tone powder. With the right shade, it makes your eyebrows look well filled in without looking over-done. Also, it has a great durability.

Luckily, I got the perfect shade on my Ipsy Glam Bag. My shade is Dark Brown, and it’s a more of a neutral brown, which is just what I needed. I had been using a brow pencil that I liked but it just was too warm-toned for my brow color.

Just a hint! If you decide to buy this product, get a thin, firm, angled brush (like this one) to shape your eyebrows with this product.

You can get this product for $18.00 on INSPR’s official website.

Or you can get it on Amazon.

2. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation


I got so lucky this month with my Ipsy Glam Bag. I had always wanted to try Make Up For Ever products, and I got a sample of their Ultra HD Foundation in the shade Y225, which was amazingly perfect for my skin tone. This product claims to be an innovative foundation formula that looks completely natural on camera and to the naked eye.

I think that it really did look pretty natural, it had good durability, and it had a nice, buildable coverage. However, I believe that the right application with the right tools is absolutely necessary to get the best results. A good primer, a good brush or beauty blender, and a good setting powder will help you make the most of your foundation.

The full sized product is available at Sephora for $43.00.

Or you can…

Get it on Make Up For Ever’s official website.

3. NYX Matte Liquid Liner


Ok, so this is not exactly a new product for me. I’ve had it for a few months, and I already have to buy another one because I used it all up! For me, that is a real indication that I have found an awesome product. Otherwise, I would just buy another brand to try.

The NYX Matte Liquid Liner has a thin but controllable brush, and a great durability. I can go on the whole day with it and it stays intact. It’s perfect for sharp cat-eyes! I mean, sure, cat-eyes have their good days and their bad days, but with this eyeliner I feel like I can actually get a ‘close to perfect’ result. I love the matte finish, but there is also available a “vinyl” version, which has a shiny finish.

I bought this eyeliner for about $9 at CVS.

You can get it on NYX’s official website.

Or you can get it on Amazon.

4. Milani Eye Primer


This is another great product that is not new to me, but I like it so much that I’ll have to buy it again soon. I had tried other drugstore eye primers before, and I always felt disappointed with their performance. A good eye primer is supposed to help your eyeshadow stay on all day and intensify its color, avoiding creasing and fading. This is exactly what the Milani Eye Primer does. I never apply eyeshadows without using it first!

I got this eye primer on CVS for about $7.

You can get it on Milani’s official website,

Or you can get it on Amazon.

5. Jordana Made to Last Eyeshadow Collection


My mom got this eyeshadow palette, and I just had to try it! I am seriously considering getting one (or two) for myself. I tried the Make Me Matte (07) palette, which has six matte eyeshadows. There are 8 palettes to choose from, and they are all so pretty!

I can’t really talk about all the palettes, but at least the eyeshadows of the one I tried had good pigmentation and they were easy to blend. I have worn them for more than six hours, and they still look the same way they did when I first applied them. (I should mention, however, that I also wear the Milani Eye Primer I mentioned before.)

You can your own Jordana Made to Last Eyeshadow Collection here,

Or you can get it on Amazon.


Next month I’ll hopefully have more variety of products to review and talk to you about

If you try any of these products or if you have any suggestions for products that you think I’ll love, don’t forget to comment below! ♥

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