Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut

Getting a haircut is always a little bit scary. Getting a pixie haircut can be even scarier, specially if you are used to having long hair. However, if this is something you really want, overcoming your fear is a must. Here are some tips to get over those nerves and get a fabulous pixie haircut.

Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut

Do you really want a Pixie Haircut?

This is the first and most important question you need to answer. Some people see a new trend and immediately want to go and get it without thinking about it. They just want to go with the trend, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could lead to some bad decisions. Take the time to analyze the pros and cons about getting a Pixie Haircut (yes, it could have some cons, but so does any other haircut), and ask yourself why do you want it. Is it because you will feel good about yourself? Is it because the change will make you feel even more beautiful and happy? If the answer is yes, then you are halfway there!

Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut 2

How will you take care of your hair?

Having a followup plan regarding the care and maintenance that your hair will require is the best thing to do when you are thinking about getting a Pixie Cut. Don’t think that just because you will have short hair you won’t have to do anything to it. In fact, sometimes short hair can get a little difficult to manage, since it becomes harder to grab the hair without it slipping through your brush, straightener, or other hair styling tools. But don’t let this scare you. It only takes a little bit of practice. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Get the right cut for your face shape

Not all pixie cuts are alike. Take the time to find the right kind of hair cut for your face shape so it accentuates your best features. This way, you will surely love your pixie haircut and all fear will instantly vanish! Pinterest is great for getting ideas. See some examples here.

Also, they have tons of tips for styling, maintaining, and even growing out your pixie cut.

Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut 3

[This was my inspiration]

Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut 4

Go to the right place

The key to getting the perfect pixie haircut is putting your hair in the hands of a professional. Not everyone can create a beautiful pixie. Don’t just look for a professional stylist. Look at her/his work and experience with pixie haircuts. Maybe you will have to invest a little more money, but trust me, it’s worth it. The right hair stylist will make you feel secure and confident that you will have an amazing haircut and nothing to fear.

Ignore the false myths

People love to scare others with false myths, I don’t know why. Some of these include: your cheeks will look chubby, you won’t look feminine, you will look older, you won’t get used to it, etc. Sadly, if you listen to these kind of people, you will soon start believing them, and either you will get scared and back out, or you will get a great haircut and hate it anyway. Don’t listen to them! What they say is not true! If you love it, get it. You will feel fabulous no matter what people might say.

[My experience]

Overcome the fear of getting a Pixie Haircut 5

I have always been a fan of getting a big change. I think it makes going to the hair salon worth the money. I never go for just a trim. I’d rather do that at home.

A couple of months ago, I got my first pixie haircut ever. I too was scared, mostly about what people would say or think. The truth is, the thought of getting a pixie haircut had passed through my mind quite a few times in the past, but I never really decided to do it until about a year ago. Still, I always found myself using anything as an excuse to put it off. Sometimes I blamed the timing, the money, or just not having time to schedule an appointment at the salon. In reality, I was just afraid of what might happen. I was also planning on changing my hair color (I had red hair for 5 years!), and that made me even more afraid. My hair was already pretty long, but I kept waiting, and it was getting longer and longer. I already hated it because it had lost its shape. This was one of the main reasons why I was very close to making the decision of getting it cut.

Finally, my boyfriend convinced me to do it for our anniversary, because he knew I really wanted to do it and I just needed that push. I though “You know what? The best thing about hair is that it grows! If I don’t like it, I’ll just be patient and then get a different haircut.” I was still really nervous up until the point where they started cutting it. I was sure that I trusted the right hands, so suddenly I was not scared anymore.

The result was way better than I expected! My cheeks did not look chubby, like I thought they would, I looked 100% feminine, and I was told I looked even younger! I even got used to it surprisingly fast. Still, I was a little bit nervous about how others would react. To my surprise, I was showered with compliments. Even now I’m still getting them! And you know what’s funny? A lot of other women have told me “Oh, I would love to get that same haircut, but [insert excuse here]”. We all do it, we all find excuses not to do something we love because we’re afraid. But we shouldn’t!

Why should you get a pixie haircut?

If you find a pixie cut that you really love, and you are sure that you want to have it, you should totally go get it ASAP! Why? Because you will feel empowered for having the courage to do it, you will look amazing, and you will feel great and confident about yourself. Forget other people. Do it because it will make you happy.

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