Painted Cork Tiles – Easy DIY Ideas

Follow this simple tutorial to make your own painted cork board. Perfect for inspiration and decor!

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

I bought these cork tiles at a clearance at Walmart, so I decided to make them all cute for my walls! I’ve been wanting to have a cork board in my craft room for some time, to pin pretty things that inspire me to be creative. When I bought these, I thought they looked too plain and brown, so painting them was going to give them a nice and more unique style.

This is what I used:

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

– Cork Tiles (Mine are 12″ x 12″)
– White Paint
– Foam Brush
– Masking Tape
– Mounting Tape

How to make it

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

1: I placed some masking tape, starting in one corner, going to the opposite one. I wanted thicker lines, so I used two strips of tape for each line.

2: I used a piece of paper to make all the spaces between the tape strips even.

3: [Make sure all the tape strips are even and aligned before painting.]

4: Then I started to paint with my white acrylic paint using a foam brush. [I only did one coat, as that was enough for the look I wanted, but you can do more if you like!]

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

5, 6: After I finished painting the whole cork tile, I went ahead and peeled off all the masking tape strips.

7: [Wait for it to dry completely before touching or pinning things!] After the paint dried, I added some mounting tape to the back.

8: If you’re going to make a design with two or more painted cork tiles, make sure that the lines align with each other when you attach the masking tape to the second cork tile.


I decided to paint only two of the four cork tiles, because I like the design it made. You can arrange them in a few different ways to make your own design!

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes


I really love how they look on my craft room wall. Even though I don’t have many things pinned yet, the painted design makes it look like wall art, which is perfect for really any part of the house.

If you make your own painted cork tiles, be sure to share it with us; we would love to see it! You can always tag us on Instagram to share your awesome creations with us, and we’ll be so happy to see them.

More easy DIY ideas will be posted soon, so stay around, and happy crafting!

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Painted Cork Tiles - Paper and Landscapes

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