Photo Challenge Ending – Your Pictures!

We have gathered some amazing pictures that our lovely P&L friends have shared with us on Instagram for our weekly photo challenge of 2016. Come check them out!

Photo Challenge Ending - Paper and Landscapes

Last week of the year! Did you have fun with our weekly photo challenge? We sure did! It was so wonderful to share this with you on the first year of our blog. Paper and Landscapes has grown and will keep on growing and creating pretty things for you. <3

Weekly Photo Challenge

For those who are new to the blog, on January of 2016 we started a Weekly Photo Challenge, which you can read all about in this post. Basically, we chose a different word each week, and then we went and took a picture with that theme in mind. Then we uploaded them to our Instagram accounts with the hashtag #PANDLweeklyphoto. If you click or search for that hashtag on Instagram you can see all the pictures that our PandL friends have used for the photo challenge.

Now that the challenge is over, we want to share with you some of the beautiful photos that people took while participating on the challenge. They are not in any particular order; they were randomly selected. They belong to several different accounts which you can visit by clicking on each picture.

[Note: If your Instagram account is on Private, we weren’t able to add your pictures to this post… but thank you anyway for participating! :D]

Instagram #PANDLweeklyphoto Pictures

Texture - coralie.ann
Texture – coralie.ann

Calm - johny.a
Calm – johny.a

Loud - gloryangelee
Loud – gloryangelee

Beautiful - johny.a
Beautiful – johny.a

Homemade -
Homemade –

Loud - johny.a
Loud – johny.a

Movement - steven.moonedge
Movement – steven.moonedge

Relax - gloryangelee
Relax – gloryangelee

Beautiful -
Beautiful –

Wooden - gloryangelee
Wooden – gloryangelee

Landscape - coralie.ann
Landscape – coralie.ann

Darkness - qd_1k
Darkness – qd_1k

Details - coralie.ann
Details – coralie.ann

Sky - gloryangelee
Sky – gloryangelee

Favorite - gb__0001
Favorite – gb__0001

Eyes - gloryangelee
Eyes – gloryangelee

Secret -
Secret –

Paper - cga92
Paper – cga92

Emotion - steven.moonedge
Emotion – steven.moonedge

Emotion - johny.a
Emotion – johny.a

Colorful - qd_1k
Colorful – qd_1k

Nature - coralie.ann
Nature – coralie.ann

Morning - steven.moonedge
Morning – steven.moonedge

Nature -
Nature –

Aren’t they amazing?! Thank you so much for joining us in our first challenge.


For the new year 2017 we are not going to make another year-long weekly challenge, but we do have some other fun events planned, so stay around! Paper and Landscapes is all about being creative, positive, and productive, so get ready for a great new year with us!

Have a wonderful end of the old year and start of the new one 🙂

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Photo Challenge Ending - Paper and Landscapes

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