Let’s greet the month of May with a beautiful set of photos and a new free printable calendar! Here are the new words for the photo challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge May 2016 - Paper and Landscapes

Can you believe it’s May already? Well it is! Have you done many of the things you have planned for this year? One of the big things we wanted for this year was to make this awesome photo challenge to share it with you throughout the whole year. We are so happy to see the pictures that you post on Instagram for the challenge!

If you don’t know what the photo challenge is about, you can check this post where we talk about it. It really is very simple, you just take one picture per week with the challenge word in mind and post it on your Instagram with the hashtag #PANDLweeklphoto. Your photo could be one of the few posted here for everyone to see! We selected a few photos for each week of April and here they are.

Note: If your Instagram account is set to private, we won’t be able to see your hashtagged pictures until you accept our request to follow you, so we’re sorry if your pictures aren’t here.. we hope to see them in May so they can be featured in our next post!

Photo Challenge – Week 14: Sky

SKY - Weekly Photos - Paper and Landscapes

1: | 2: johny.a | 3: coralie.ann | 4: qd_1k

Photo Challenge – Week 15: Inspiration

INSPIRATION - Weekly Photos - Paper and Landscapes

1: steven.moonedge | 2: coralie.ann | 3: johny.a | 4:

Photo Challenge – Week 16: Gift

GIFT - Weekly Photos - Paper and Landscapes

1: | 2: steven.moonedge | 3: coralie.ann | 4: johny.a

Photo Challenge – Week 17: Simple

SIMPLE - Weekly Photos - Paper and Landscapes

1: | 2: coralie.ann | 3: steven.moonedge | 4: johny.a

We loved watching your beautiful photos each new week.

If you haven’t started the challenge yet, please remember, you don’t have to wait for a specific day to begin posting the photographs; you can do it whenever you want. (Remember, our weekly photo challenge is for fun, not for competition. Anyone can join!)

Happy photo challenge!

Here are the words for the photo challenge on the next four weeks of May:

Photo Challenge Words - May - Paper and Landscapes

And as promised, here are your free calendars for the month of May! We made them in both landscape and portrait format so that you can download whichever one fits your needs best.

May - Calendars 2016 Landscape - Paper and Landscapes
Click on the picture to open it and save it to your computer.
May - Calendars 2016 Portrait - Paper and Landscapes
Click on the picture to open it and save it to your computer.

If you want to read more about the challenge, see this post. We’ve also added some new Creative Boxes with art kits on our shop. Check them out!

Have a happy and lovely May!

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