Photo Challenge for JULY and Free Calendars

Here are the words for the photo challenge for the month of July, along with some free printable calendars so you can get organized in this following month.

Weekly Photo Challenge July 2016 - Paper and Landscapes

Okay so we have officially reached the middle of the year! How has it been? Have you had fun? Have you learned many new things? It’s been so exciting for us in this adventure that is writing on a blog, making fun printables for you, and sharing our favorite DIY and tutorials!


We have all been busy with our hectic lives, but still it’s so great to take a moment and concentrate in something artistic and creative now and then. The photo challenge helps us with that! If you want to read about the weekly photo challenge, check out this post. Basically, you are given a different word each week, and you go and take a picture with that theme in mind. Then you upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #PANDLweeklyphoto.

If you click or search for that hashtag on Instagram you can see all the pictures that our PandL friends have used for the photo challenge. It’s not a competition, so you don’t have to be a professional photographer to do it or anything like that. Also remember: you can join at any time! You don’t have to wait for the next month or next year, just follow us on Instagram so you can see what week we’re on and what’s the challenge word, and start taking pictures!

There are some really amazing pictures we have seen on the photo challenge these past months, and we’ll soon make a post with a lot of those pictures for everyone to see. For now, here are the words for the next month (July 2016) so you can get started on them!

Happy photo challenge!

Weekly Photo Challenge - July 2016 - Paper and Landscapes


Here are your free printable calendars for the month of July. They include the words for the photo challenge in case you are interested in joining us. We made them in both landscape and portrait format so that you can download whichever one fits your needs best.

July - Calendars 2016 Landscape
Click on this image to open the download page.
July - Calendars 2016 Portrait
Click on this image to open the download page.

Have a happy and lovely month of July!


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