Pictureka – Fun Card Game For Game Night!

Some people think Pictureka is just a game for kids. But it’s actually a perfect game for ANYONE that likes to laugh a lot!

Pictureka Card Game - Paper and Landscapes
It was originally a board game, and even a game show later on, but this card game is the one that me and my family and friends really love. We have played it with little kids, with people who don’t like board games or complicated games, and with older people, and they have all enjoyed it and had a great time.


Pictureka Game Night - Paper and Landscapes
Pictureka Game Night - Paper and Landscapes

The box comes with instructions for four types of games that you can play with these cards. We always end up playing the same one, which is actually the simplest one, but it is also the funniest!

It is a race to get rid of all your cards by spotting “mission pics” on them. You place your cards, the ones that have the funny and cute and sometimes very weird drawings on them, face up in front of you.

When another player reads one of the missions out loud, everyone searches their picture cards for an image that matches the mission. Then as soon as anyone finds a matching picture, they slap the card down and yell out “Pictureka!” or in our case we yell “ME!” or “THIS ONE!” or “OMG HERE IT IS!!!!” and everyone goes crazy trying to explain why their card is the best one. We also tend to change and bend the rules from the beginning, to make it more fun. It sounds (and it is) very simple, but at least for us, it’s really really fun.

Pictureka Card Game - Paper and Landscapes


The Pictureka card game is very easy to learn, and you can play it in small or large groups, so it’s good to have it at a game night with friends, when board games are getting a little boring. It’s simple to explain and everybody will have fun with it, both kids and adults. This game is always a MUST in our game nights!

If you are interested in the game, you can buy it here.
Please be sure to check out the full instructions and specifications before buying.


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Pictureka Card Game PIN - Paper and Landscapes

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