Whimsical polymer clay tiny houses

This polymer clay tiny houses are so cute! I thought they would be harder to make but they’re actually pretty simple. Especially because there’s no right or wrong way, as long as you like how they turn out, they’re perfect!

DIY Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - by Paper and Landscapes

For some time now I had been wanting to make some polymer clay tiny houses. I had seen people make them and I found some beautiful ones on Pinterest, but I wanted to make them simpler so I went and found my own way to make them.

How I made the polymer clay tiny houses

I used white polymer clay for the whole house (except the doors) because I wanted them to look hand painted. I wanted them to have brush strokes!

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes

1. For the base of the house I just made a cube, slightly wider at the bottom. I made all five this way.

2. For the roof I made a cone shape, with a very long tip. Then I curled the tip to the side. I decided I wanted to give them all different shapes and sizes. So for the other ones I made a round one, a pyramid, a rounded cone, and then I made another curly one.

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes

3. For the door, I mixed some different hues of brown clay together to make it look a bit like wood. Then I cut a small rectangle and gave it some lines and texture, and then I pressed the tip of a flat toothpick to make an indent to simulate the doorknob. I used a bit of liquid clay to attach the doors to the houses.

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes

4. I chose not to put together the bases and the roofs until after I painted them. So I proceeded to bake them at 275F for 40 minutes. (Important: This temperature and time worked for me, but you should really follow the instructions in your polymer clay packaging, because not all ovens are the same.)

5. After they were baked and cool, I started to paint! I mixed different hues of orange and white and just a little bit of black for the gray one, with a small brush. Then, with a pointy toothpick I painted some green and yellowy grass to the sides of the doors.

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes

6. I made the windows painting a small white square to each side first. Then when it was dry I used another toothpick to paint some black lines around them.

7. I painted the roofs with different but similar colors, because I wanted them to look nice together. So I used some pinks, purples, and oranges. Then I used a rounded tip polymer clay tool to make white dots and other different designs, really anything I could think of at the moment.

8. When everything was dry, I glued the roofs to the bases with a strong glue (I used UHU glue).

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes


I really love how they turned out! They look so whimsical and fun, and the colors look great together. The doors are a bit messy, I could have made them more carefully, but still I like them, and I enjoyed making these polymer clay tiny houses because they weren’t complicated and you can actually make them any way you like.

Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - Paper and Landscapes

Other options

You can add a small window on top of the house, or maybe write the names of your friends and give one to each! You can also paint some flowers or mushrooms around the base of the houses to make them a garden. Just remember to have fun and make them any way that you like, without worrying if they are exactly alike, or if they are perfect, just make them cute!

If you make your own polymer clay tiny houses, please share them with us; we would love to see them!

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DIY Polymer Clay Tiny Houses - by Paper and Landscapes

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